Why Your Audience Doesn't Collect Data?

1 min read - Updated on Sep 06, 2021

When your audience stops to collect data, there can be different reasons:


You can create your audiences according to your selected plan.

For example; when you choose our Basic Package to create social listening audience, you can collect only 1000 mentions monthly with 3 keywords. When the data reaches 1000 mentions it stops automatically.

With upgrading your account from basic to enterprise, you can add up to 500 keywords and collect up to 50.000 mentions monthly.

NEED MORE HELP: You can find detailed guides about pricing here.



Regardless of the reason, if your credit card has been declined, we recommend that you update your account with the most recent credit card details.

If your payment details are up to date, and you are still seeing payment failures, you may also consider checking in with your bank about getting the payment to go through on their end.

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