Kimola vs. Mention

See why marketing and research professionals from 80+ countries choose Kimola over Mention as an advanced social listening tool to track consumer conversations across e-commerce sites, social networks and other web portals.

Kimola vs. Mention
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What are the sharpest differences between Kimola Analytics and Mention?

Kimola Analytics offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring and analyzing conversations across social media, the web, and e-commerce platforms and analyze the lifestyle of the audiences. Our product family provides users with the ability to classify and understand tracked conversations, offering a deeper level of insights beyond traditional sentiment analysis and trend graphs.

Kimola Analytics Mention
Price $139 $41
Lifestyle Analysis
Keywords 3 Unlimited
Links 5
Reports and Alerts Unlimited 2
Conversatios 5,000/month 5,000/month
Data Export Excel, PDF and PowerPoint
Seats Unlimited 1
Sentiment Classification
Content Classification
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Why Kimola offers more value for the price: Collect and analyze conversations & audiences

As a marketer, you know that just hearing what customers say and reading their reviews isn't enough to truly understand them. That's why Kimola Analytics takes a more comprehensive approach. We offer lifestyle analysis to give you a better understanding of your target audience, including what they're into, who they follow, what brands they like, their interests, demographics, music preferences, and more. By looking at all this information together, you'll get a complete picture of your audience and be able to make more informed marketing decisions.

Kimola vs. Mention - Auto-classify customer feedback

Auto-classify customer feedback

Social media and the web are buzzing with conversations, and Kimola makes it easy to collect and analyze this valuable data.

Kimola vs. Mention - Analyze Audiences Deeply

Analyze Audiences Deeply

Kimola Analytics provides a lifestyle analysis feature to help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers. By utilizing our "Profiling Technology," you can gain valuable insights into your target audience, allowing you to make informed decisions and improve your marketing strategies.

Kimola vs. Mention - 7 days trial, export data in all plans

7 days trial, export data in all plans

At Kimola Analytics, we are committed to product transparency and offer a free trial for our customers. During this trial period, you have the opportunity to track keywords, export data, analyze conversations, and experience our lifestyle analysis feature, all with no obligation.

Kimola vs. Mention - World-Class Customer Support

World-class customer support

At all times, we stand ready to assist our clients whenever they encounter an issue. To better serve them, we provide 10-minute Zoom call support and create video content on YouTube as required.

Easy Comparison

Kimola Analytics assists researchers and marketers from over 50 countries in effortlessly monitoring conversations, verifying auto-classified data, and gaining insight into the lifestyle habits of their customers through a user-friendly platform accessible with just a few clicks.

Kimola Mention
Social & Web Listening
E-commerce Listening
NPS Analysis
Sentiment Score
Text Classification
Lifestyle Analysis
Free Trial Request a demo
Sentiment Analysis Only Pro & Enterprise
Excel & PDF Reports Only Pro & Enterprise
Sentiment Analysis Only Pro & Enterprise
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