Kimola vs. MonkeyLearn

See why marketing and research professionals from 80+ countries choose Kimola over MonkeyLearn to analyze and classify customer feedback.

Kimola vs. MonkeyLearn
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What is the sharpest difference between Kimola Cognitive and MonkeyLearn?

You will also need the data if you're into text data and customer feedback analysis. Kimola's product family is here to track keywords across social media, blogs, and forums and scrape data with its browser extension from e-commerce and review sites such as Amazon, Yelp, Reddit, and Etsy.

Kimola Cognitive MonkeyLearn
Price $399 $299
Queries 35K 10K
Custom ML Models 2 3
Pre-built Models
Seats Unlimited 3
Support Video, Email, Live Chat Email
Integrations API, CSV, Amazon, Etsy, Booking, Udemy, G2, Capterra, Trustpilot, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, Playstore, Appsumo, Google Business, Influenster, Airbnb API, CSV, Zapier, Google Sheets
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Why Kimola offers more value for the price?

We believe research is for everyone, and we offer alternative pricing for small and enterprise businesses and individuals. We offer alternative pricing and custom model counts, and we are very transparent about the packages. And whatever plan you choose, we don't charge costs for scraping data with our browser extension and the seat count for your team.

Kimola vs. MonkeyLearn - Pricing that fits every need

Pricing that fits every need - No hidden costs!

Rather than offering a standard package, we are offering different sizes of packages that fit different businesses. From individuals to enterprise teams, research is for everyone.

Kimola vs. MonkeyLearn - Scrape customer reviews easily

Scrape customer reviews easily

Kimola Cognitive offers a browser extension that can scrape 20+ e-commerce and websites such as Amazon, Google Business, Playstore, TripAdvisor, G2, Capterra, Udemy, Etsy and so on. With Airset Generator, scraping reviews to analyze Is easy-peasy.

Kimola vs. MonkeyLearn - 7 days free trial

7 days free trial, import your own data

We believe in transparency in products and offer a free trial where you can import your data, analyze texts using NLP with drag and drop, use our classifiers from Kimola Cognitive Gallery and train AI by creating a custom model. 

Kimola vs. MonkeyLearn - World-class customer support

World-class customer support

We are always ready to help our clients when they face a problem. We offer 10 minutes of Zoom calls when needed and generate video content on Youtube.

Easy Comparison

Kimola Cognitive helps analysts from 80+ countries to scrape and analyze texts, create custom machine-learning models with drags and drops and access ready-made classifiers related to businesses to analyze reviews in less than 10 minutes.

Kimola Cognitive MonkeyLearn
Small Business Packages
Data scraping
NPS Analysis
Keyword Cloud
Text Analysis
Text Classification
Pre-Built Models Supported Language Count 6 2
Free Trial Unable to import and analyze own data
Create Custom Models
Use Pre-Built Models
Sentiment Analysis
Live Video Support
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