Kimola vs. Brand24

See why marketing and research professionals from 80+ countries choose Kimola over Brand24 as an advanced social listening tool to track consumer conversations across e-commerce sites, social networks and other web portals.

Kimola vs. Brand24
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What are the sharpest differences between Kimola Analytics and Brand24?

Kimola Analytics enables tracking and analyzing conversations across social media, the web and e-commerce. By connecting our product family, users can see tracked conversations as classified. Instead of having only sentiment analysis or trend graphs, Kimola offers a rock-solid text analysis technology to help users understand the collected data. For many Kimola Analytics users, monitoring conversations, tracking and gathering customer feedback is only helpful with the analysis part. 

Kimola Analytics Brand24
Price $139 $49
Conversations 5,000/month 2,000/month
Lifestyle Analysis 1 analysis/month
Keywords 3 3
Links 5
Reports and Alerts
Seats Unlimited 1
Data Export Excel, PDF and PowerPoint
Sentiment Classification
Content Classification
Amazon Review Tracking
Update Every hour Every 12 hours
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Why Kimola offers more value for the price: Collect and analyze conversations & audiences

All marketers know that listening to customers and analyzing the reviews are not enough to reach them. Kimola Analytics also offers lifestyle analysis to understand Influencer Affinity, Celebrity Affinity, Brand Affinity and Interests analysis of the audiences along with Demographics, Music Preferences and many more lifestyle analysis aspects.

Kimola vs. Brand24 - Auto-classify customer feedback

Auto-classify customer feedback

Social media and the web are full of conversations! Kimola offers to collect and data analysis at the same time.

Kimola vs. Brand24 - Analyze Audiences Deeply

Analyze Audiences Deeply

Kimola Analytics offers a lifestyle analysis feature to understand your customers better. You can understand your customers better by using the "Profiling Technology" of Kimola Analytics.

Kimola vs. Brand24 - 7 days trial, export data in all plans

7 days trial, export data in all plans

We believe in product transparency and offer a free trial where you can track keywords, export the data, analyze conversations or even spend time with the lifestyle analysis feature.

Kimola vs. Brand24 - World-Class Customer Support

World-class customer support

We are always ready to help our clients when they face a problem. We offer 10 minutes of Zoom calls and generate video content on Youtube when needed.

Easy Comparison

Kimola Analytics helps researchers and marketers from 80+ countries to track conversations, check the auto-classified data and access the lifestyle analysis of your customers with a few clicks.

Kimola Brand24
Social & Web Listening
E-commerce Listening
NPS Analysis
Sentiment Score
Text Classification
Lifestyle Analysis
Free Trial Collects only 100 mentions
Sentiment Analysis
Excel & PDF Reports Only PRO & Enterprise
Sentiment Analysis
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