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Understand how Kimola can help for your customer experience analysis journey. Deep dive to customer feedback, analyze with simple steps and summarize reviews for customer experience reports.

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Start for free by uploading your own data to analyze.

Understand customer experience by classifying customer reviews without any training. Start by uploading your own data and try Kimola Cognitive for free. Contact team for a demo session and explore customer experience analysis.

Start with Kimola Cognitive
Start for free by uploading your own data to analyze
Integrate with favorite customer feedback management softwares.

Integrate with favorite customer feedback management softwares.

Kimola Cognitive journey starts with uploading a spreadsheet, or simply integrating with your favorite tools.Integrate Intercom, Zendesk or Google Sheets to analyze conversational data; customer-agent conversations, Whatsapp Business conversations or simply call center data.

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Analyze with multi-label classification.

Understand customer experience on a deeper level by multi-label classification. Learn what is loved by your customers, understand what affects their experience with classification.

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Analyze with multi-label classification
Generate Executive Summary, SWOT Analysis and more.

Generate Executive Summary, SWOT Analysis and more.

Generate executive summary, SWOT analysis, positive negative reviews summary based on customer review analysis with our OpenAI integration. Simply choose from the interpretation gallery while creating a report. We're giving 5 credits for free.

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Use Pre-built Models for Free.

Track KPI's with pre-built classifiers trained by Kimola and published for different businesses where labels differ from one to another. From mobile application classifier to book reviews classifier, use them for free with Kimola Cognitive.

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Use Pre-built Models for Free
Train custom models of your own

Train custom models of your own.

Create custom models by simple training process or contact us for extra training services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Kimola simplifies the customer experience analysis journey by enabling researchers to deep dive into customer feedback quickly and easily. You can start for free by uploading your own data to analyze, classify customer reviews without any training, and generate comprehensive customer experience reports.

  • Yes, you can start using Kimola Cognitive for free by uploading your data. This allows you to understand the customer experience by classifying reviews. For a more comprehensive exploration, you can contact our team for a demo session or subscribe monthly for the plan that fits your needs.

  • Absolutely. Kimola Cognitive facilitates easy integration with your favorite tools such as Intercom, Zendesk, or Google Sheets. This enables the analysis of conversational data, including customer-agent conversations, WhatsApp Business conversations, and call center data.

  • The 7-day trial offers a full experience of Kimola Cognitive's capabilities; scrape reviews with browser extension, analyze reviews automatically, use predefined models, create executive summary, generate SWOT analysis. It only doesn’t offer multi-label classification which is something that is offered on Standard and Enterprise plans.

  • Kimola Cognitive can analyze 25+ languages including Latin alphabet, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Russian, Arabic and Chinese. And the best part; you can upload spreadsheet that contain multiple languages to Kimola Cognitive.