TOP 10 Tools for Market Researchers for Every Step of Market Research

Mar 14, 2024 - 17 min read
TOP 10 Tools for Market Researchers for Every Step of Market Research

Are you poised to elevate your research to new heights? Using digital tools for researchers effectively can be the difference between an average and an excellent piece of research.

In this detailed guide, we'll delve into the top 10 essential tools specifically designed to streamline your workflow and boost efficiency while conducting market research, catering to market researchers at any skill level. From the initial stages of data collection to the nuanced analysis of results, each tool has been carefully selected to empower researchers through every phase of their inquiry.

Now, let's embark on this journey together and explore how these tools can revolutionize your research, whether you're a seasoned expert or a newcomer to the field.

Here is our short list for the curious ones (scroll for the visual!)

Top 10 Market Researchers Tools

1- Collect Data: Meltwater

2- Create Surveys and Forms: Jotform

3- Analyze Reviews, Conversations, Survey Results: Kimola Cognitive (Start for free)

4- See Trending Topics: Glimpse

5- Create Infographics: Visme

6- Mobile Ethnography: Indeemo

7- Eye Tracking: Lucky Orange

8- View Market Shares: Market Explorer

9- Create Graphics: Tableau

10- Keyword Research: Ahrefs


1. Meltwater


Imagine creating the brand of your dreams, standing out in the competitive world, and enhancing your marketing strategies. That's exactly where I'd like to introduce you to Meltwater!

Meltwater is a media monitoring and social media analytics platform that helps companies manage their brand reputation, develop marketing strategies, and understand the competitive landscape. By monitoring and analyzing various media and social media sources such as news sites, blogs, forums, and social platforms, Meltwater provides you with instant insights into what is being said about your brand.

Meltwater is a platform preferred by many companies and marketers for media monitoring, social media analysis, and brand management. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive data analysis, and customizable reporting features, it helps brands effectively manage their digital assets. By using Meltwater, you can analyze your data effectively and strengthen your brand strategies, taking your brand to new heights.

👍 Pros

  • Real-Time Data Acquisition: Meltwater brings you real-time data from various media and social media platforms, allowing you to instantly track what is being said about your brand, social media interactions, and more!
  • Brand Reputation Management: Brand reputation is crucial for companies. Meltwater helps protect and even enhance this reputation.
    Competitive Analysis: By examining the social media and media activities of competitor companies, Meltwater helps you determine your strategies. This ensures you stay ahead in the race to capture industry trends.
  • Crisis Management: In times of crisis, Meltwater provides instant data analysis to produce fast and effective solutions.
    Customizable Reporting: With Meltwater, you can customize reports to your needs, thoroughly analyze your data, and strengthen your strategies.
  • User-Friendly Interface and Support: The interface is user-friendly, and customer support is quick. This allows users to easily navigate the platform.


2. JotForm


JotForm is a leading online form building application known for its ease of use. With a structure rich in analytics and integrations, JotForm offers users a variety of solutions such as online surveys, volunteer registrations, and event registrations accessible from any device. Features such as performing complex mathematical calculations, creating personalized PDF reports based on form responses, compliance with HIPAA regulations, a form creation app accessible from mobile devices, and conditional logic for payments, enable JotForm to provide users with a flexible, secure, and personalized form experience.

Creating a form on JotForm is quite straightforward thanks to its user-friendly interface.

👍 Pros:

  • Wide User Base: JotForm has a wide user base, which contributes to the development of the platform based on various user experiences.
  • Comprehensive Online Resources: JotForm supports effective use of the platform by offering various resources tailored to the needs of the users.
  • Large Template Collection: A rich collection of templates allows users to find quick and easy solutions to various form needs.
  • Good Customer Support: JotForm helps resolve users' issues by providing effective customer support services.

3. Kimola Cognitive


Understanding customer feedback, satisfaction, and market perception is crucial for the success of companies today. However, doing this manually can be time-consuming. This is where Kimola Cognitive comes into play. With its highly robust artificial intelligence platform, Kimola Cognitive takes the analysis of customer feedback to an entirely new level for research professionals and companies.

Kimola Cognitive offers the opportunity to analyze customer feedback for NPS, sentiment analysis, content classifications, and obtaining summaries. With Kimola Cognitive, the process speeds up, leaving you with more time.

Additionally, Kimola Cognitive offers a 7-day free trial for you to analyze customer feedback!


What Sets Kimola Cognitive Apart from Others?

  • User-Friendly Interface: Kimola Cognitive is user-friendly. The user is always the priority. With its simple interface, you can easily use the platform and access analysis results within minutes after uploading your data.
  • Ease of Use: The priority is always ease of use. It is designed for the user to complete their tasks quickly and easily.
  • Analysis in 25+ Languages: Dive into a world of diverse customer perspectives as analyzing 25+ languages, empowering your business to thrive on a truly global scale.
  • Automatic Classifier: It enables the understanding and classification of structurally meaningful texts by using the semantic structures in the text. Kimola Cognitive, using topic modeling techniques, can automatically identify and extract meaningful topics or themes from a collection of customer reviews.
  • Multi-label classification: Gain comprehensive insights from each feedback with multi-label classification. Customers often express their thoughts about a product or service in a single feedback session. The Multi-label Classification allows to uncover all these aspects simultaneously, enabling to understand customers' perspectives comprehensively.
  • GPT Add-on: Using the GPT Add-on, generate executive summary that highlights both the positive and negative aspects of customer feedback, allowing you to easily identify the key areas to focus on. One of the most effective ways to determine an organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats is through SWOT analysis. You can quickly create a SWOT analysis based on customer feedback, discovering what is working well and what needs improvement, and identifying potential opportunities and areas to pay attention to.
  • Auto-Classification without Training: With dynamic classification technology, you can analyze customer reviews in seconds without any training. Kimola's Dynamic Classification Technology leads to sharper insights by dynamically aligning generated labels with content. It also enables you to focus on strategic decision-making, saving you time and resources.

With these advantages of Kimola Cognitive, you can maximize your business potential and increase success. Take advantage of Kimola Cognitive to perform data analysis much faster!


4. Glimpse


Glimpse is a Chrome extension designed to enhance Google Trends by incorporating critical features that are missing in the latter. It is utilized by a diverse range of top-tier companies, including major publications like The New York Times and The Washington Post, marketers at renowned brands such as HubSpot and IKEA, and trend analysts at leading strategy consultants like McKinsey. Glimpse offers numerous advantages but also has potential drawbacks.

Glimpse offers various features to assist in tracking and discovering trends:

  • Trend Discovery: Glimpse's trend discovery tool allows you to find new trends by filtering based on specific products, companies, or industries. Additionally, you can see the growth rate of each trend, enabling you to identify the fastest-growing trends.
  • Trend Analysis: The trend analysis tool provides insights into factors influencing each trend, such as demographic characteristics of those interested in the trend, the level of discussion on social media channels, and news articles related to the trend. This helps you gain a deeper understanding of the trend and what drives it.
  • Trend Alerts: Glimpse can send you alerts when a new trend is identified or when an existing trend starts to grow rapidly. This allows you to stay ahead of the curve and quickly capitalize on emerging opportunities.


  • Detailed Analysis: Glimpse enables users to analyze trends and niche markets in greater depth.
  • Strategic Planning: Forecasts and seasonality analysis allow marketers and strategists to make more accurate future planning.
  • Time Saving: Features like alerts and automatic Google Sheets integration save users time.
  • Diverse Data Sources: Providing data from numerous social media platforms and search engines offers comprehensive market analysis.
  • Newsletter from Noah: Noah, the founder of Glimpse sends newsletters that talk about trends and they’re pretty awesome! It’s also free.

5. Visme


In today's digital world, communication has become a crucial tool. Effectively conveying a message, presenting an idea clearly and attractively, telling a story, or making data understandable visually are fundamental elements of successful communication. That's where a program like Visme comes in, created specifically for this purpose. Visme offers users the opportunity to create various visual content, making their communications more effective. From infographics to presentations, social media posts to reports, Visme allows unlimited creativity and enhances the power of communication.

Visme is not just a visual content creation tool but also a friendly platform that helps users unleash their creativity. Users can benefit from a comprehensive collection of templates and features to find solutions tailored to their needs. Moreover, it's an infographic creation platform that is open to user feedback and requests. Visme is an excellent tool to enhance the power of your communication and tell your story more effectively. With professional design templates, a user-friendly interface, and a rich set of features, Visme offers a fun and easy way to create visual content. Now, everyone is capable of expressing their story and message visually with Visme!

👍 Pros:

  • Professional Design Templates: Offers hundreds of professional design templates in various categories, serving as an excellent starting point for quick customization. They can be fully customized to fit any need.
  • Data Visualization Tool: Easily create graphics, tables, maps, and more to make your data understandable visually, making your reports or presentations more impressive.
  • Interactive Infographics: Allows you to create interactive infographics, encouraging viewers to interact with your content and facilitating more effective communication.

6. Indeemo


Indeemo is an Instant Video Research Platform that helps understand people, products, and experiences in the context of daily life. The platform offers tools to various industries to better understand and improve customer experiences.

Researchers typically use Indeemo to conduct mobile ethnography studies. Mobile ethnography involves studying and understanding human behavior, interactions, and cultural practices in their natural environment using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

👍 Pros:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Indeemo enables companies and research organizations to collect consumer feedback and experiences, providing valuable insights for product development processes and marketing strategy creation.
  • Flexible Research Methods: The platform supports various research methods. Surveys, focus groups, observation studies, and other techniques can be applied flexibly according to users' needs and research objectives.
  • User Experience Focus: The platform focuses on user experience and provides user-friendly tools for users to comfortably share data.
  • Customization: Indeemo allows users to customize research projects according to their needs. Research questions, participant profiles, and data analysis methods can be customized based on user requirements.


7. Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is a platform used to track, analyze, and improve visitor behavior on websites. It offers various tools and features that allow website owners to monitor and understand user interactions in real-time.

👍 Pros:

  • Real-Time Visitor Tracking: Lucky Orange tracks the interactions of users visiting the website in real-time. This allows seeing visitors' navigation habits, clicking behaviors, and mouse movements.
  • Session Recordings and Playback: The platform records sessions of users visiting the website, providing the ability to replay these sessions later. This feature is highly valuable for understanding and improving user experience on the website.
  • Heatmaps and Clickmaps: Lucky Orange provides heatmaps and clickmaps for the website. These maps show which areas receive more clicks and interactions from users.
  • Form Analysis and Conversion Tracking: The platform monitors and analyzes form submission processes on the website. This is an important tool for evaluating the effectiveness of forms and increasing conversion rates.
  • Visitor Surveys and Feedback: Lucky Orange offers the option to send surveys to visitors to collect feedback. This is useful for understanding and improving the user experience on the website.


8. Market Explorer


Market Explorer, offered by Semrush, is a tool designed to provide users with detailed analyses of their target markets and competitors. By entering a domain name, users can immediately gain a complete overview of the competitive landscape, including top players, market shares, growth rates, and seasonal trends. Market Explorer offers three options for compiling market data: creating a custom list of up to 100 competitors, generating a list of competitors based on a specific domain, and selecting from 110 business categories for industry data. This tool helps users gain actionable insights into their target audience, competitors, and industry, enabling a clear understanding of market size, trends, and other realities.

👍 Pros:

  • Comprehensive Market Overview: Offers in-depth understanding of market size, growth rate, and key players.
  • Audience Insights: Allows users to discover demographic details, interests, and online behaviors of their target audience.
  • Competitive Analysis: Enables comparison against competitors to see where one stands.
  • Keyword Research: Helps discover high-traffic keywords searched by the target audience.
  • Industry Insights: Keeps users informed about industry trends and leading players.


9. Tableau


Tableau is a leading visual analytics platform designed to visualize complex data sets. It turns market research data into understandable and interactive visualizations, simplifying the data analysis process to be accessible to anyone, regardless of their technical skills. Users can dive deep into their data and extract meaningful insights with Tableau. This market research tool enhances data exploration using generative AI, providing prompt insights based on real-time data.

👍 Pros:

Highly Intuitive: Tableau stands out for its highly intuitive products and deep analytics platform.
Expertise in Data Visualization: Visualizes insights in a way that you never feel lost in data clutter.
Flexible Data Integration: The capability to blend data from various sources allows users to work on a broad set of data.
Interactive Dashboards: Dynamic and interactive capabilities for creating reports and dashboards.


10. Ahrefs


In today's digital world, the internet has become a crucial platform for the success of businesses and websites. However, standing out and staying ahead of the competition in this vast digital landscape is not always easy. Ahrefs collects, processes, and stores large amounts of data for search marketing professionals. It is a powerful tool for search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing experts. You can use it to explore the internet, analyze competition, find keywords, and improve the performance of your website. The tools offered by Ahrefs greatly assist users in understanding their website's performance, monitoring their competitors, and making strategic decisions.

AhrefsBot is a search engine bot that tracks millions of websites and trillions of links. One of the most active web crawlers globally, AhrefsBot, is the most active web crawler in the "Search Engine Optimization" category on Cloudflare Radar and is also the 3rd most active web crawler globally. Its database is continually updated, ensuring users have access to the latest data. Like search engines, it crawls the web around the clock and stores petabytes (1PB = 1000TB) of information about live websites. What's remarkable is that most of its software infrastructure is built in-house! Ahrefs, suitable for users at every level, has become a necessity for anyone looking to explore the internet and succeed.

👍 Pros:

  • Comprehensive Data: Provides access to a vast database covering billions of web pages and trillions of links, allowing users to conduct comprehensive competition analysis, find keywords, and optimize content strategies.
  • Powerful Interface: Its user-friendly interface allows users at every level to navigate design tools quickly, access analysis tools, and visualize data effectively, enabling effective information acquisition.
  • Keyword Research: Enables users to find competitive keywords and strategically use them. The keyword research tool provides essential metrics such as volume, difficulty, and cost per click for targeted keywords.
  • Competitor Tracking: Allows monitoring and analysis of competitors' website performance, helping users make strategic decisions and gain a competitive advantage.


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