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Choice of Research Enthusiasts

Kimola Cognitive helps you to gather consumer reviews, analyze and classify them automatically with a sociological perspective. You can use the pre-build machine learning models or go advanced by building your own.


Text Analysis with Entity Recognition

Kimola Cognitive offers text analytics to reveal insights that are mentioned in consumer reviews such as organizations, celebrities, interests, work of arts, locations, nutritions, race & ethnicity, diseases. Just drag & drop consumer reviews in excel file and let the magic happen in minutes!


Pre-Built models that fit your business

Kimola Cognitive comes with a gallery of ready-to-use Machine Learning models for the most common use cases like sentiment and hate speech analysis along with consumer conversations around SaaS products, mobile apps, games. Choose one or more models to classify your data and reveal consumer insights in a few minutes.


Create & store custom machine learning models

Every research is a different journey to understand humankind, so requirements will usually be unique. That's why Kimola Cognitive also supports creating custom Machine Learning models by training your own dataset. The platform takes care of choosing the best performing statistical model for your training set to ensure the best accuracy rate possible.Your custom machine learning models are hosted on Kimola Cognitive and can be used via the user interface and API.

Work of a team of Social Scientists and Software Engineers

Plans & Pricing

Unlock consumer insights with flexible social research plans that grow with you.

$ 199 /month
  • 10,000 queries
  • Text Analytics
  • Ready-to-use ML Models
  • -
  • Files in xlsx, xls, tsv, csv formats and API
  • -
  • Community
$ 399 /month
  • 35,000 queries
  • Text Analytics
  • Ready-to-use ML Models
  • 2 Models
  • Files in xlsx, xls, tsv, csv formats and API
  • -
  • Ticket
$ 799 /month
  • 100,000 queries
  • Text Analytics
  • Ready-to-use ML Models
  • 10 Models
  • Files in xlsx, xls, tsv, csv formats and API
  • 1 hour onboarding meeting
  • Ticket, Live Chat
$ /month
  • Custom Amount
  • Text Analytics
  • Ready-to-use ML Models
  • Custom Count
  • Files in xlsx, xls, tsv, csv formats and API
  • Custom onboarding
  • Ticket, Live Chat
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