Top 6 Kraftful Alternatives & Competitors

Mar 21, 2024 - 13 min read
Top 6 Kraftful Alternatives & Competitors

Since the 1600s, when data was first consciously acted upon, everything has changed drastically. Data is no longer what it was in the 1600s. It has become a concept that is generated by everyone, everywhere, at every moment. Marketing and research professionals have become "data-rich." So, what might marketers and research professionals need all this data for? Of course, for analysis!

Understanding customers has become increasingly difficult in the current era. Fortunately, I've come up with some suggestions to make your job easier. Today, we will explore alternatives to Kraftful.

You can think of Kraftful as the Chat GPT of product research. However, Kraftful's customer base mainly consists of large firms, and although its price may seem affordable, special pricing lists are created for product teams with specific needs. The monthly plan fee may not be sufficient for large businesses.

In this blog post, we'll look at 6 top alternatives to Kraftful for user research. These tools stand out because they offer something extra or different, like easier data handling or better pricing. We'll cover:

Features: What makes each tool special?

Alternative Motivations: Why might this tool be a better fit for you than Dovetail?

Free Trial Option: Can you try before you buy?

Pricing: How much does it cost, and is it worth it?

Let's dive in and find the perfect tool for your needs.

What is Kraftful?

Kraftful was founded in 2019 to provide artificial intelligence analysis of customer feedback to help business owners understand what they need and how to develop their products. Its headquarters is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Kraftful offers various channels such as in-app feedback forms, email surveys, or website feedback widgets to collect feedback from users. Kraftful enables customers to analyze feedback in their ways and also allows creating free surveys in Chat GPT, transferring user stories to Jira or Linear. It can connect with multiple APIs such as IoS and App Store, as well as Zendesk, Github, Front, and Intercom. Kraftful, which works with teams like Google and Netflix, has recently gained significant prominence.

Kraftful Pricing

Kraftful is suitable for large-scale content analysis with limited resources. It offers two different pricing plans. The basic plan, called pro, costs only $15 per month for 500 submissions. The pro pricing plan of Kraftful allows access for a maximum of 20 team members. Along with another plan called unlimited, Kraftful creates a custom pricing list for product teams with special requirements. Kraftful also offers a free plan, but it does not support many features.

Why You Need a Kraftful Alternative?

Learning Curve: Initially, you may need to invest time and effort to learn the features, which can slow down your progress and demotivate you. Providing quick learning in Kraftful may not be easy.

Leaky-Bucket Pricing: Although the monthly pricing of the pro plan offered by Kraftful may seem low, large businesses will benefit from the unlimited option due to its limited features. If you opt for Kraftful's unlimited pricing, you will pay more as you use it more, following the leaky bucket logic. This may not be favorable for low-budget businesses.

Limited Features: The features in Kraftful's free and pro pricing plans are quite limited. Taking advantage of its extensive features may cost you a lot. However, there are many similar alternatives with affordable prices and many features!

Answer Repetition: Some users on certain platforms have mentioned the repetition of answers in Kraftful's artificial intelligence. I believe you wouldn't want to rely on Kraftful and receive the same answers repeatedly!

Lack of Details: You can't classify the data with multi-label, filter by content, or see where the problems are in what areas. Also, in the free version of Kraftful, you can’t upload your data.

No API Access: The lack of an API in Kraftful can limit some users' ability to optimize workflows and work more efficiently. The absence of an API can restrict users from integrating Kraftful into their own systems or workflows. This situation can be disadvantageous, especially for large-scale businesses or developers who require functionalities such as data management, reporting, or automation. Additionally, without an API, users may find it challenging to automate processes or exchange data, which could be time-consuming and prone to errors. Therefore, the lack of an API in Kraftful can hinder users who have needs related to data management, reporting, automation, or integration with their existing systems or workflows.

Limited to English Language: Kraftful is limited to the English language, which can pose an issue for international users. Without language support, providing service may not be feasible.

TOP 6 Alternatives to Kraftful

Here are the top 6 alternatives to Kraftful:

  1. Kimola Cognitive (sign up free, upload your own data!)
  2. Dovetail
  3. User Evaluation
  4. Maze
  5. Monterey AI
  6. Userback

1- Kraftful vs Kimola Cognitive

Kimola Cognitive doesn't limit you to being a company; it works for everyone! By collecting customer reviews, it classifies data using NLP and machine learning and provides powerful marketing materials such as executive summaries, SWOT analysis, and product descriptions with GPT technology. You might not believe it, but it's a code-free customer feedback analysis tool. Additionally, it collects data from various channels like Amazon, Trustpilot, Yelp, and Etsy, and classifies the data within minutes of analysis. With GPT integration, it can even transform customer feedback analysis into social media themes. It's loved by small and medium-sized businesses with various pricing options. In its free version, you can work with your own datasets or with datasets from Kimola's GitHub account. With its efficient design and user-friendly interface, Kimola Cognitive is a great alternative for product managers, agencies, individual researchers, market researchers and everyone who needs to classify reviews.

A List of What You Can Do with Kimola Cognitive

  • Scrape reviews with the free browser extension
  • Classify reviews with multi-labels and auto-classification, without any training
  • Analyze sentiment with up to 97% accuracy rate
  • Create custom models with drag-and-drop method and train AI
  • Classify and analyze customer feedback with pre-built classifiers (There's a large gallery for every business!)
  • Calculate NPS
  • Generate customer journey reports
  • Extract popular terms and topics
  • Search within customer reviews
  • Create marketing materials based on customer reviews
  • Get PDF reports, Excel reports

Compared to Kraftful, it's an easy-to-learn tool with successful user interface design and explanatory features. It’s used by small, mid-size, and enterprise companies. It offers various pricing options to justify the amount paid.

Did you know that with Kimola Cognitive, you can chat live when you need help? Kimola Cognitive is the best alternative that can classify data, conduct sensitivity analysis, and quickly display results.

Kimola Cognitive Pricing

  • 7-day free trial (no credit card required)
  • Basic Plan: $199 / month, 10.000 queries, Text Analysis, Text Classification with Free Pre-built Models, Web Scraping and API
  • Standard Plan: $399 / month, 35.000 queries, 2 custom models, Text Analysis, Text Classification with Free Pre-built Models, Web Scraping and API, 1-hour onboarding meeting, Support with Live Chat
  • Professional Plan: $999 / month, 100.000 queries, 10 custom models, Text Analysis, Text Classification with Free Pre-built Models, Web Scraping and API, 3 hours onboarding meeting, Support with Live Chat
  • Custom plans available for Larger Companies

See all plans & features here

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2-Kraftful vs Dovetail

Established in 2017, Dovetail is a customer insight center that helps researchers and product owners manage research data from various sources in an organized and efficient manner. It facilitates storing, analyzing, and sharing research projects, truly shaping the term "research repository." Compared to Kraftful, it offers many features such as analyzing interviews, sharing clips from sales calls, transcribing video or audio, analyzing usability tests, tagging academic papers, and tagging user feedback.

 👍 Pros

  • Dovetail offers a comprehensive solution for organizing, storing, and sharing research data. You can easily integrate data from different sources and create a central data repository.
  • Dovetail provides various tools and methods for analyzing data. Functions like text analysis, tagging, segmentation, and visualization allow for in-depth examination of research findings.
  • Dovetail provides a user-friendly interface for sharing research results, collaborating, and reporting. You can share your project and collaborate with team members easily.

👎 Cons

  • The free version doesn't provide enough information for you to create a proof of concept. There is a limit on transcriptions. If you truly want to try it out, you need to make a payment.
  • Some users say they frequently encounter error messages. Error messages are cryptic and unhelpful.
  • The results are presented in an unstructured manner that has limited options for quick filter narrowing down.
  • UX is far too complicated and involves far too many concepts to learn.

Dovetail Pricing

Dovetail has categorized its pricing into professional, business, and enterprise tiers. The professional category is priced at $39, the business tier at $1800, and no price is specified for the enterprise. The features offered by the professional category, which is the most affordable, are not very extensive.

3-User Evaluation

User Evaluation is a rapidly growing global company that helps organizations make better decisions with the power of user understanding. It was established in 2023 with this purpose in mind. It covers areas such as customer research and UX, sales and customer success, agencies, and academic research. Due to its novelty, it is quite difficult to find views and comments for User Evaluation. This can be considered a disadvantage for User Evaluation.

👍 Pros

  • User Evaluation is designed to understand users' needs and improve user experience.
  • It offers a wide range of features that can be used in different areas such as customer research, user experience, sales and customer success, agencies, and academic research.
  • It provides scalability based on user needs in paid plans, allowing organizations to gain more features and storage space as they grow or their needs change.
  • It provides enriched data analysis and insights through artificial intelligence technology, offering users deeper insights.

👎 Cons

  • Being a new tool, it has low visibility and awareness among users, which can make it difficult to find references and feedback.
  • Integration difficulties and insufficient fast and effective customer support can be challenging for users.
  • The interface may be complex or unintuitive for some users, and they may prefer a simpler or more intuitive design.

User Evaluation Pricing

User Evaluation's pricing list includes free, personal, and options. The Free category allows for only one project with 2 files. It provides limited AI insights, AI chat messages, productive data visualizations, reports, and presentations. The Personal pricing tier, priced at $49 per month, offers unlimited options along with 15 transcription hours and 50 GB of storage space. The Plus tier is priced at $249 per month, with a limit of 5 team members. It has a limitation of 5 team members. With 50 transcription hours and 1 TB of storage space, it can be considered a better option than Kraftful in terms of pricing when it is sufficient for the business or individual.

4-Kraftful vs Maze

Maze is a platform established in 2018 that enables researchers (PWDR) to connect with end users and make informed product decisions based on real user data. Maze allows product teams to test everything from prototypes to copies quickly and gather actionable insights. With these capabilities, you can create good user experiences based on valuable insights.

👍 Pros

  • It has multiple research types such as prototype testing, tree testing, card sorting, and live website testing.
  • You can turn your moderated user interviews into insights and shareable reports with AI-supported transcription, summaries, and sentiment analysis.

👎 Cons

  • Maze currently does not offer full integration capabilities for moderated testing.
  • Pricing can be a disadvantage for those looking to use more comprehensive features. The lack of pricing information for plans targeting large-scale organizations is also a disadvantage.
  • Learning to use the Maze platform can be time-consuming for beginners.
  • Maze's customer support may not be fast and effective enough for some users, which can lower the quality of communication.
  • Some users report that the prototype doesn't work at all on mobile devices in cases where it's heavy.
  • It does not support interactive components or layers in Figma.
  • In some reports, certain pages and their associated heatmap data are overlaid, making analysis impossible.

Maze Pricing

Maze's pricing list is categorized into free, starter, and organization tiers. In the Free option, it offers the chance to start usability testing for free. It includes 1 study per month, 5 seats, pay-per-use panel credits, and up to 7 block limitations. The Starter tier is a pricing option for small teams looking to start product research. It provides 1 study per month, 5 seats, unlimited blocks, clips, AI question rephrasing, conditional logic, PRO templates, and CSV export capabilities for $99 per month.

5-Kraftful vs Monterey

Monterey AI 2022 has been established. If you aim to elevate customer experiences to the next level, Monterey AI, a feedback collection tool suitable for your business, gathers feedback from various channels including email, social media, and websites, and automatically generates insights, saving you valuable time and effort.

👍 Pros

  • Monterey AI can provide a faster and more efficient operating system experience. Machine learning models can be used to optimize system performance.
  • AI can offer personalized experiences by analyzing user behaviors. For example, suggested content or automatically adjusted user preferences.

👎 Cons

  • Deep integration of AI can lead to the collection and processing of more personal data, raising privacy concerns.
  • The intensive data analysis required by AI can increase data security risks. Processing large amounts of data can elevate the risk of data breaches or misuse.
  • AI-based systems can make systematic errors due to inaccuracies or biases in training data. This can lead to reliability issues and result in biased decisions.
  • Monterey AI's customization options are somewhat limited.
  • Large datasets can decrease the platform's performance and speed.

Monterey Pricing

Monterey AI offers three pricing options: Starter, Growth, and Enterprise. For the Starter package, priced at $39 per month, you'll get 200 items per month, support for up to 1 seat, basic integrations, an in-app widget, a voting portal, basic insights reports, and email support. The growth package, the most popular option, is priced at $790 per month. It includes 2,000 items, support for up to 20 seats, all integrations, advanced insights reports, user segmentation, a shared Slack channel, and the ability to book a demo. The enterprise package offers custom features tailored to your specific needs, including custom data points, seat numbers, integrations, insights reports, triage models, and dedicated customer success support. Pricing for the Enterprise package is customized based on your requirements.

6-Kraftful vs Userback

Userback, established in 2016, is one of the leading user research platforms for small teams aiming to understand their users and develop better products. With Userback, you can collect visually enriched feedback with metadata and obtain in-depth insights into your users' sensitivities and behaviors through in-app surveys such as NPS, CES, and CSAT measurements.

👍 Pros

  • Users can share the errors or issues they encounter during the use of a product or service in their feedback. This can help developers quickly identify and address these issues.
  • With its offered content and pricing options, you can determine the contents of the package you will purchase and shape the price according to the content you determine.

👎 Cons

  • The tagging function doesn't always work.
  • Most of the user feedback isn't useful for fixing bugs or making improvements.
  • The language support is inadequate, limiting usage to users proficient in English.

Userback Pricing

Userback offers three different pricing tiers. The first one is the starter tier, priced at $37 per month, which includes 100 responses and 3000 session replays. If these amounts feel insufficient at the starter level and the pricing list for the scale tier seems too high for you, you don't have to pay as much as the scale tier to increase these numbers. The Scale tier is priced at $74 and the same applies to it; it includes 500 responses and 5000 session replays. You can increase these numbers as much as you want, and you determine the price you pay accordingly.

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