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Analyze reviews from Amazon with one click, scrape reviews from variıus sources, classify customer feedback with multi-labels and generate product descriptions for marketplaces, most liked features, FAQ’s based on customer reviews. Understand what motivates your customers and what they need to enhance customer experience.

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Analyze Amazon Reviews

Use the search box on to scrape and analyze Amazon reviews with one click. Copy and paste the link of a product from Amazon to get the customer feedback analysis report instantly.

Analyze Amazon Reviews
Analyze e-commerce reviews without training

Analyze e-commerce reviews without training

Analyze data without any training, just by simply dragging and dropping a spreadsheet. Integrate Zendesk, Google Sheets, Intercom to pick insights from conversational data.

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Classify e-commerce customer reviews with Multi-Labels

Customers leave reviews about multiple features for products. Analyze reviews with multi-label classification and use sentiment filters to measure emotions across products.

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Classify e-commerce customer reviews with Multi-Labels
Generate Product Features List based on customer reviews

Generate Product Features List based on customer reviews

Classify customer reviews with a simple drag and drop and choose "product features list" in the gallery. With the GPT integration, Kimola Cognitive will craft a list of product features that are liked by customers.

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Generate FAQ's based on customer reviews

After classifying customer reviews, choose FAQ from the interpretation gallery to list frequently asked questions of customers. Use the list on the website as content, or to resonate more with customers on marketplaces.

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Generate FAQ's based on customer reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

  • E-commerce managers can utilize's easy search and scrape functionality to efficiently analyze Amazon reviews. By simply pasting the product link into Kimola's search box, they can get instant access to comprehensive customer feedback analysis reports.

  • E-commerce managers can analyze data effortlessly using Kimola Cognitive, which allows for intuitive drag-and-drop of spreadsheets and seamless integration with platforms like Zendesk, Google Sheets, and Intercom. This enables them to pick insights from conversational data without any need for training.

  • Using multi-label classification, e-commerce managers can analyze reviews detailing multiple product features in one go. Sentiment filters help measure emotions across these products, providing a nuanced understanding of what aspects customers love or dislike, aiding in product refinement and development.

  • Yes, by classifying customer reviews and choosing the "product features list" option in the interpretation gallery, e-commerce managers can leverage Kimola Cognitive's GPT integration to craft lists of product features favored by customers. This aids in highlighting popular features in marketing materials and product descriptions.

  • After classifying customer reviews with Kimola Cognitive , e-commerce managers can choose the FAQ option to compile frequently asked questions directly from customer feedback. Utilizing these FAQs on websites or marketplaces resonates more with potential customers by addressing common queries and enhancing the overall customer experience.