How to Analyze Hotjar Survey Data? A pro guide for researchers.

Dec 05, 2023 - 4 min read
How to Analyze Hotjar Survey Data? A pro guide for researchers.

Understanding consumers is a critical factor for businesses to achieve sustainable success. This is essential to building better products, more effective marketing strategies, and strong customer relationships. Surveys are essential tools that help businesses and researchers understand consumers better. Here are some reasons why surveys are essential for getting to know the consumer:

  • Understanding Consumer Behavior
  • Product Development and Improvement
  • Determining Marketing Strategies
  • Competition analysis
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction
  • Determining Market Demands
  • Strengthening Brand Image
  • Better Reaching the Target Audience

For these reasons, surveys provide valuable consumer information and help businesses make strategic decisions. With Hotjar, you can add a free plugin to your site, ask your customers questions, and collect their answers.

What is Hotjar?

Hotjar is a tool used for website analytics and understanding user behaviour. Hotjar is a software platform that combines various tools to help understand how users interact on a website and present that information visually. Hotjar features include:

  • Quick & easy installation
  • GDPR- & CCPA-ready
  • Share, comment, & integrate with Slack & Microsoft Teams
  • Qualitative & quantitative data
  • Integrates with Google Analytics to tell the full picture
  • No. 1 heatmaps & session replay tool

Hotjar offers website owners and digital marketers essential insights into understanding user behaviour and improving the website experience. It is used to understand better what users like, why they leave, and how they interact with the website. This information can be valuable for optimizing website design, increasing conversions and ensuring user satisfaction. This article will tell you about Hotjar's survey publishing feature, why it is important and how you can analyze these answers.


Why is Hotjar Important?

Hotjar helps you better understand your customers' needs and expectations, provide a more personalized customer experience and optimize your marketing strategies. It is a valuable tool that helps with features such as observing user behaviour, performing interaction analysis with heat maps, real-time monitoring with recordings, analyzing customer behaviour with surveys and feedback, optimizing your website's interaction and improving customer experience.

5 Steps to Launch Your Hotjar Survey

1- Target Setting and Data Cleaning:

  • Determine your analysis goals.
  • Detect and remove incomplete or unreliable data.
  • Look for trends in quantitative data.
  • Compare your quantitative data with previous periods.

3- Statistical Analysis and Control:

  • Check the statistical significance of your findings.

4- Using Qualitative Data and Supporting Findings:

  • Use qualitative data to support and explain your quantitative data findings.

5- Presenting the Findings:

  • Present your findings to your colleagues.

How to Analyze Hotjar Survey Data Easily?

You can reduce manual efforts to speed up the data analysis process and eliminate bias in the interpretation of surveys. This starts by automating, setting your analysis targets, and cleaning your data. Automated systems can effectively identify and clean up incomplete or unreliable data, saving time.

You have completed all your transactions in Hotjar, and it is time for analysis. So, how do you analyze it? Of course, with Kimola Cognitive.

Analyzing with Kimola Cognitive

  • Become a member, for free
  • Drag and drop your Excel
  • Select text column, select date
  • Select interpretation
  • See analysis

It's that easy.

In the following analysis report with Kimola Cognitive, comments made on various topics are observed, and these comments are divided into specific categories on the right. Comments, classified under multiple themes such as the beauty of the landscapes, natural attractiveness, design elements and location advantages, are divided into categories focusing on different features.

Analyze Hotjar Survey Data Easily with Kimola Cognitive

You can also easily read your analysis along with the executive summary;

Kimola Cognitive - Executive Summary of Hotel Review

Your job becomes much easier with the manager analysis presented in this way. You can now go and review your Hotjar analyses with Kimola Cognitive.

In summary

If you want to position your business favourably in the eyes of consumers, it is essential to consider the feedback your customers provide and analyze this data effectively. Customer analytics can help you understand your business's strengths and areas for improvement. Taking a customer-centric approach and effectively analyzing customer feedback can help you gain a competitive advantage and build long-term customer loyalty. Therefore, regularly focusing on analysis results and data to strengthen your business strategy in a customer-focused way will contribute to keeping your business in a successful position.

Come on, get survey results quickly with Kimola Cognitive.


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