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Analyzes product reviews to leverage unparalleled insights into what customers love, dislike, and need. Generate an executive summary, SWOT analysis, and a comprehensive list of the most liked product features based on customer feedback. Analyze reviews with multiple labels to create clear roadmaps for product teams and filter sentiment-mentioned features. Scrape reviews from 30+ channels, and add notes to your reports and share them with team members on the Kimola account.

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Get a quick user research by pasting links from Trustpilot, Amazon or searching applications on app stores.

Copy and paste links from Trustpilot, Amazon or search apps on app stores to scrape and analyze reviews for quick research. Purchase single reports based on the review count that contain customer feedback analysis, sentiment analysis, filter by popular topics and export reviews.

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Analyze product reviews effectively with Kimola Cognitive on a monthly basis

Analyze product reviews effectively with Kimola Cognitive on a monthly basis.

Kimola Cognitive offers dynamic classification technology that can analyze product reviews without any training. Upload a spreadsheet and get review analysis instantly, generate summaries with AI and get PDF and excel exports. Start by uploading your own spreadsheet and try for free.

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Analyze open-ended survey responses.

Upload a spreadsheet or integrate with Google Sheets to analyze open-ended survey responses. Export responses from platforms such as Typeform, Hotjar, Jotform and simply drag and drop to classify them effortlessly.

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Analyze open-ended survey responses
Analyze Behaviors Contextually

Analyze Behaviors Contextually.

Kimola Cognitive offers contextual classification with multi-labels that understands behaviors, needs, intents and classifies customer feedback automatically which does not require any training. By uploading spreadsheets in excel or csv formats, everyone can analyze customer feedback without any hassle.

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Generate Summary, SWOT Analysis, Insights and TOP Liked Features Lists

Generate an executive summary, SWOT analysis, and summaries of positive and negative reviews using the interpretation gallery while creating a customer feedback analysis report. As a token of appreciation, we're offering 5 free credits to get you started.

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Generate Summary, SWOT Analysis, Insights and TOP Liked Features Lists
Analyze user reviews with multi-label classification

Analyze user reviews with multi-label classification.

Understand customer experience on a deeper level by multi-label classification. Learn what is loved by your customers, understand what affects their experience with classification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Project managers can utilize Kimola to dissect feedback related to projects from various sources like the App Store and Play Store effortlessly. With a single click, they can analyze reviews and opt for individual reports starting at $12 or go for a more detailed analysis by subscribing to Kimola Cognitive.

  • For project managers, multi-label classification is pivotal as it categorizes feedback under multiple tags simultaneously, offering a granular view of client or user sentiments towards different aspects of a project. This insight is invaluable for tailoring projects closer to user expectations and enhancing overall project quality. Kimola Cognitive provides this feature on the Standard Plan.

  • Yes, with Kimola Cognitive, project managers have the capability to conduct extensive competitor analyses by scraping feedback from over 30+ channels. This tool aids in benchmarking your projects against others in the market, highlighting unique strengths and areas for enhancement.

  • Kimola encourages team collaboration by allowing the addition of team members to your account without extra charges. This feature ensures seamless sharing and access to reports among team members, keeping everyone on the same page and boosting project efficiency by aligning insights and actions.

  • Absolutely, project managers can purchase individual reports on according to review count, which come packed with detailed analysis, sentiment breakdowns, and categorization by popular topics. This option offers a quick and focused way to gather research without the need for a continuous subscription.

  • Kimola Cognitive provides a straightforward solution for analyzing open-ended survey responses by allowing uploads of spreadsheets or integration with Google Sheets. Whether the feedback comes from Typeform, Hotjar, or Jotform, it can be easily sorted and analyzed for immediate insights into what users need or think about your project.

  • Contextual classification in Kimola Cognitive automatically sorts feedback into relevant categories without any required training. This deep dive analysis provides project managers with an in-depth understanding of client behavior, needs, and intentions, facilitating the development of projects that more accurately meet user demands.

  • Project managers can leverage Kimola Cognitive to craft detailed reports and add interpretations such as executive summaries, SWOT analyses, and lists of the most appreciated product features. By utilizing AI technology and the interpretation gallery, raw project feedback is transformed into actionable insights. To help you get started, Kimola Cognitive offers 5 free credits for interpretations and a free trial to analyze 100-150 customer reviews for free.

  • Kimola Cognitive employs dynamic classification technology that streamlines the review analysis process for project managers. By uploading spreadsheets filled with customer feedback, instant analytical results and AI-generated summaries are provided. This allows for a deeper understanding of customer or user perceptions without requiring specialized training.

  • Using multi-label classification, project managers obtain a detailed insight into the customer experience, enabling them to identify specifically what users appreciate or dislike about a product. Such insights drive targeted improvements and innovations within project management, ensuring projects align closely with user expectations and needs.