Announcing Integrations for Kimola Cognitive; Zendesk, Intercom and Google Drive

Feb 01, 2024 - 2 min read
Announcing Integrations for Kimola Cognitive; Zendesk, Intercom and Google Drive

At Kimola, our goal is to offer the best experience while analyzing customer feedback. Lately, we have announced our Dynamic Classification Technology that helps researchers analyze their data instantly, without any training. After that, our Multi-label Classification Technology was announced which moved Kimola Cognitive to one of the top vendors in customer feedback analysis.

But we're not stopping there. Today, we're thrilled to unveil our latest achievement – integrations that will elevate your user experience, making importing and analyzing customer feedback even more seamless while using our beloved customer feedback analysis tool, Kimola Cognitive. 

Zendesk & Intercom Integration

Connectivity is key, and that's why we've integrated with two of the leading Customer Feedback Management Tools, Zendesk and Intercom. Now, our users will gain a deeper understanding of customer-agent conversations through multi-label analysis by connecting their Zendesk and Intercom accounts.

zendesk & intercom integration

6 Steps for Kimola's Zendesk & Intercom Integration

  • Login to your Kimola Cognitive account.
  • Locate Zendesk or Intercom logos right under "Upload Your Data" section.
  • Click on the logo to start the integration.
  • Start by logging into your account.
  • Accept our API integration.
  • Choose your dataflow. 

We're also proud to be an approved company by Intercom. View Kimola Cognitive on Intercom's App Store.

Google Drive Integration

You know how we've all gotten used to doing fancy Excel stuff online? Well, Google Drive is like the VIP spot for keeping all those files safe and sound – they follow you everywhere, on your phone, on the web, you name it. And guess what? Now, with the magic of this integration, you can easily hop onto the Kimola Cognitive platform to access and analyze all your customer feedback data in a snap.

Picture this: Your files, your data, your customer feedback – all right there in the palm of your hand. No more back-and-forth between different apps or devices or downloading and uploading data hassle. With Google Spreadsheets, you can dive into your files straight from the Kimola Cognitive interface. It's like having your data superhero right at your fingertips!

So, whether you're sipping coffee at your favorite cafe or grinding away at your desk, managing and analyzing your customer feedback just got a whole lot more fun. Kimola Cognitive and Google Drive – the dream team for a smoother, friendlier, and more efficient workflow. It's not just about files; it's about turning data into insights and making your work life way more awesome.

Not a member of Kimola Cognitive yet? You're always welcomed.

At Kimola Cognitive, we believe in transparency as a core principle. That's why we offer a 7-day free trial – we want you to explore and analyze customer feedback on your terms. Our commitment to transparency extends beyond words; it's about putting the tools in your hands and allowing you to witness the impact.

Our platform is designed with you in mind. The onboarding process is seamless, ensuring that 96% of our free trial users can effortlessly create their feedback analysis report independently. Should you have any questions or need assistance during your trial, our dedicated team is here for you. Feel free to reach out via live chat – we're committed to making your experience as smooth as possible.

Ready to embark on your journey of customer feedback analysis? Start Your 7-Day Free Trial

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