Announcing Multi-label Classification for Customer Feedback Analysis

Author: Mustafa Savaş - CEO, Kimola
Mustafa Savaş CEO, Kimola
Dec 01, 2023 - 4 min read
Announcing Multi-label Classification for Customer Feedback Analysis

Unlocking the Full Spectrum of Customer Insights

At Kimola, we are on a mission to enable research for everyone, and our commitment to innovation drives us to constantly enhance our solutions. Lately, we have announced Dynamic Label classification which helps researchers to help them to analyze data instantly based on the context. 

Today, we're thrilled to unveil another milestone in our journey – the introduction of Multi-Label Classification Technology. This marks a significant leap forward in the realm of customer feedback analysis, positioning Kimola Cognitive as a trailblazer in the industry. We take pride in being among the select few vendors in customer feedback analysis tools to offer this cutting-edge technology.

What makes this announcement truly groundbreaking is the seamless integration of Multi-Label Classification with our dynamic label classification technology. The synergy of these two features has produced results that go beyond satisfaction – they're transformative.

A New Dimension in Feedback Analysis

Understanding the diverse dimensions of customer feedback is paramount in today's dynamic business landscape. With Multi-Label Classification, we bring you a powerful tool, Kimola Cognitive that goes beyond traditional single-label categorization, allowing you to extract a comprehensive spectrum of insights from every piece of feedback. 

Multi-label classification for customer feedback

Why Multi-Label Classification Matters

Starting this new year, users of Kimola Cognitive across 50+ countries will experience the transformative capabilities of Multi-Label Classification Technology. Here's why this feature is a game-changer:

The Nature of Customer Feedback is Already Multi-label

Customers often express their thoughts on various aspects of a product or service in a single feedback session. Our Multi-Label Classification allows you to uncover all these dimensions simultaneously, providing a holistic understanding of your customers' perspectives.

Enhanced Contextual Understanding

Capturing the complexity of feedback is crucial. With Multi-Label Classification, you can now understand dual-natured feedback, such as a customer expressing satisfaction with the ease of use but suggesting improvements in customer support. This nuanced approach ensures you don't miss critical insights.

How Does Multi-Label Classification Work?

Our dynamic classification technology, rooted in advanced algorithms and machine learning models, seamlessly supports multi-label scenarios. By recognizing and categorizing feedback into multiple labels simultaneously, Kimola Cognitive not only saves time but delivers richer and more actionable insights. Using multi-label classification is easy, users will drag and drop their customer feedback into the platform and choose their preferences for the analysis, along with multi-label classification. 

What is The Expected Data Format?

Kimola Cognitive's users are able to analyze excel and CSV files by dragging and dropping them to the dashboard on home screen. 


How to Analyze Conversational Data?

With the integration of Multi-Label Classification Technology, Kimola Cognitive users can now extend their analytical capabilities beyond static text data, such as reviews in Excel or CSV files, to dynamic and evolving customer conversations. This groundbreaking feature empowers businesses to analyze and derive insights from a variety of conversational contexts, including:

Analyze Agent - Customer Conversations:
Uncover the diverse dimensions of customer-agent conversations by simultaneously identifying and categorizing multiple topics or sentiments within each interaction. This allows businesses to enhance agent training, identify pain points, and tailor responses to address various customer concerns effectively.

Analyze Chatbot - Customer Conversations:
Gain a deeper understanding of customer interactions with chatbots by analyzing the multi-faceted nature of their feedback. This capability enables businesses to optimize chatbot responses, improve user experience, and refine automated customer support processes.

Email Correspondence:

Analyze email exchanges between customers and support teams to uncover multiple dimensions of customer satisfaction, concerns, or inquiries. Businesses can efficiently prioritize and address various issues highlighted in customer emails, leading to improved communication and customer relationship management.

The format of the Conversational Data on Excel or CSV:

When uploading your Conversational Data to our system, think of it like this: Each chat between a customer and an agent gets its own row in Excel or CSV. So, if you have 300 customers having conversations with a bot or an agent, simply drag and drop the file that has 300 rows. It's that easy – a user-friendly way to share your data for seamless analysis. Also, there should be only one line of cell at the top of the spreadsheet that shows the columns by their name, like Content and Date.

Here is a sample dataset visual that will be uploaded to Kimola Cognitive to analyze conversational data: 

Analyzw Whatsapp Conversations

Bridging the Gap

At Kimola Cognitive, our mission is to enable research for everyone. We believe that access to advanced research tools should be seamless and empowering for businesses of all sizes. Multi-Label Classification Technology is a testament to our commitment to democratizing research and providing businesses with the tools they need to thrive in a data-driven world.

As we step into the new year, Kimola Cognitive continues to pave the way for innovative solutions in text analysis. With Multi-Label Classification Technology, we are redefining how businesses interpret customer feedback, providing a comprehensive and nuanced understanding that was previously unattainable.

Join Us on the Journey

Join us on this exciting journey as we empower businesses across the globe to harness the true potential of customer feedback. Your success is our success, and with Multi-Label Classification, the possibilities are limitless.

Thank you for choosing Kimola Cognitive – where the future of customer feedback analysis meets the mission of enabling research for everyone. If you haven't been a member of our community yet, here is your chance to get a free trial.

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