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Research for Everyone

Kimola is loved by small-mid-sized businesses
and trusted by powerful enterprises across 80+ countries.

Individual researchers, product managers, start-up founders

3,000+ individuals including product managers, UX researchers,
start-up founders create 5 reports in every 3 minutes at Kimola.


User Experience (UX) Research

Discover the patterns of the users who experience your product. Understand the features they love, identify pain points that trigger complaints. Analyze product reviews effortlessly, without training an AI model.

Navigate easily to uncover insights of your users or the competitor landscape. Gain the perspective through the lens of your users and beyond while creating the most effective roadmap that serves as a catalyst for the rapid growth of your product.

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Customer Experience (CX) Research

Analyze what users tell about your brand and your services. Discover the areas you need to improve, understand sentiment across different topics to enhance your brand's customer experience. Explore nuanced patterns and insights that might go unnoticed with traditional research.

Experience a sophisticated research process with Kimola's dynamic classification technology built for marketing and research professionals, researchers and sales teams, setting the stage for impactful improvements.

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that scales with you

Kimola offers products for bigger teams with scaling research needs to listen and analyze customer feedback.

Kimola Research Products
Listen customer feedback
on e-commerce sites, social networks and the web
Kimola Analytics
Analyze customer feedback
to get sentiment, NPS, analysis and summaries
Kimola Cognitive
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Kimola is a ResTech company that collects customer feedback and turns them into comprehensive research reports for businesses of all sizes.

  • Kimola is widely used by researchers and marketers globally. User profiles vary from individuals to enterprise companies, and Kimola supports both user interface and API usage.

  • Kimola is dedicated to making research available for every size of business. Small businesses like hair saloons, cafes, small shops, hotels and even mobile developers can use Kimola to turn customer feedback into comprehensive research reports to understand consumer needs, motivations and competition in the market.

  • Kimola's products, Kimola Analytics and Kimola Cognitive, are suitable for companies that collect, analyze and classify massive amounts of customer feedback. These products offer a seven-day free trial without a credit card or commitment.

  • Kimola offers no-code products, and users are not required to have any special skills. Also, Kimola has a large support centre with articles and step-by-step video tutorials to get started quickly.

  • All Kimola products offer a seven-day free trial without a credit card or commitment. Also, Kimola offers Free Research Tools to scrape and analyze reviews from Amazon, Trustpilot, Tripadvisor, Google Play and App Store.

  • Kimola offers annual payment plans, which allow customers to pay for their subscriptions in one lump sum each year. This can save customers around 20% compared to monthly plans.

  • Market research is the process of collecting and analyzing information about a specific market, including its size, trends, and competition.

  • Market research can be conducted through various methods such as surveys, interviews, focus groups and observation which Kimola follows. Surveys are a budget-friendly method of gathering quantitative data from a large sample of people. On the other hand, interviews provide a more in-depth approach to collecting qualitative data on consumer behavior and preferences. Focus groups offer valuable insights and qualitative data by allowing participants to share their experiences and opinions. Finally, observation involves watching and recording consumer behaviour in real-time, and this can be done in person or online through social media and online review sites.

  • Market research plays a vital role in helping companies gain insight into their target market. By collecting and analyzing data on trends and competition, businesses can better understand their customers' needs and preferences, identify growth and improvement opportunities, and make informed decisions about their marketing strategies. It is essential for companies to conduct thorough market research if they want to remain competitive and achieve long-term success.

  • Kimola regularly publishes articles about how different businesses can benefit from market research. You can visit Kimola's blog and follow Kimola on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.