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Analyze conversational data from call-centers, customer-agent conversations,
live chat and e-mails.

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Analyze Call-Center Conversations

Deep dive to understand interactional conversations. Leverage analysis of conversations and measure performance of customer service agents with sentiment analysis. Combine multi-label classification and dynamic classification of Kimola Cogitive to automatically classify textual data.

Analyze Call-Center Conversations
Analyze Whatsapp Business Conversations

Analyze Whatsapp Business Conversations

Understand the needs of customers and which topics are included in each conversation. Upload spreadsheet and get results with multi-labels.

Analyze Customer - Agent Conversations

Integrate with favorite tools such as Zendesk, Intercom or upload a spreadsheet that contain customer-agent conversations to analyze. Measure sentiment across topics, classify automatically without training.

Analyze Customer - Agent Conversations
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Pre-built Machine Learning Models

Automatically classify your data based on the context, whether it contains consumer reviews, news or articles.

Custom Machine Learning Models

Upload your training set and build a custom machine learning model based on your custom business needs.

Web Scraping

Data analysis starts with data. Make use of Kimola's data scraping extension to access consumer reviews.

World-Class Customer Support

Since data analytics is a highly sophisticated area, besides offering a good UI/UX, Kimola provides educational content such as articles and video tutorials. Also, you will have live chat support in the dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Conversational analysis have various types, such as Whatsapp business-customer conversations, call-center conversations or even e-mail loops that are between the customer and company.

  • Conversation analysis involves examining various elements such as turn-taking, adjacency pairs, speech acts, repair mechanisms, and non-verbal cues. These components are crucial for understanding the structure, organization, and social dynamics present in everyday conversations.

  • Export your Whatsapp Business conversations to a spreadsheet after downloading the data. Combine the conversations into one spreadsheet. Upload the dataset to Kimola Cognitive and choose multi-label classification.

  • Integrate Kimola Cognitive with Zendesk, Intercom, Google Sheets or simply upload the spreadsheet to the platform by dragging and dropping. Choose multi-label classification at the end of the screen to get the best out of it.

  • Kimola Cognitive offers automatic classification that needs no training. Kimola Cognitive also offers multi-label classification which is a must when it comes to analyzing agent - customer conversations. When combined, Kimola Cognitive offers an analysis of interactional conversations with a high accuracy rate, while analyzing conversations in 26 languages.

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