Lifestyle Analysis

Understanding what people think about a topic is only half of social listening; profiling completes your research.

Sharpen your sales and marketing strategies with lifestyle analysis.

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Choice of Data Enthusiasts

Demographics and Interests

Lifestyle analysis adds gender and age layers to your social listening data to evaluate social listening analysis by demographics. This turns your unstructured social listening data into a structured research dataset to dig.

The Social Scientist team at Kimola created thousands of keys to map 164 different interests. Kimola's algorithm uses this data to predict an audience's interests by measuring who they engage with and who they follow or like on Twitter. The interests analysis shows pretty deep data from the favourite music genre of your audience to their interests in social issues. It's not very interesting to say "they are into sports" but it's very inspiring to see that your audience has interest in basketball and fishing!

Demographics and Interests
Social TV Analysis

Social TV Analysis

From Netflix and HBO shows to independent internet productions, lifestyle analysis will show you which TV shows thrill your audience the most. These resulst help media buying agencies and brands with a media buying plan to optimize. Imagine a world where you can find the best matching TV Shows for any audience; this is possible with Kimola's lifestyle analysis.

Radio Shows, Podcasts and News Channels

For those who never underestimate the power of broadcasting, Kimola helps you to discover the best radio shows and podcasts to target your audience.

Consumers are affected by the political atmosphere in their country, and sometimes news platforms become so important for a marketing strategy. Kimola provides all the best matching platforms with your audience, from the mass media channels to the most niche ones. This feature also tells you the most engaging content among the news channels so that you can explore your audience's agenda too. Marketers always have an eye on the agenda of their target group.

Radio Shows, Podcasts and News Channels
Celebrities, Influencers and Brands

Celebrities, Influencers and Brands

Do you remember when your research agency had to ask 200 people to find the best matching celebrity for your next ad campaign? Those days are over. Kimola gathers thousands and thousands of people in your target audience to help you see the celebrities and influencers they engage with.

Also, explore the most engaged brands and sectors of your target audience for better cross-marketing strategies. This feature is also suitable for understanding the motivations of engagement with a brand.

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Keyword Tracking

Collect and analyze conversations around your keywords on social networks, forums, blogs, and news sites.

Link Tracking

Track web pages to automatically scrape and analyze reviews on e-commerce websites, marketplaces and forums.

Email Reports

Keep up with your marketing and sales strategies by getting automated email reports with summaries and visualizations.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • The lifestyle analysis is a complementary data analysis for your social listening to profile a group of people who talked about your keywords. It shows demographics and interests, brand, celebrity and influencer affinity and social tv preferences of an audience.

  • Yes, lifestyle analysis provides anonymous results of an audience rather than individuals. The results can not be used for targeted marketing and are only suitable for research purposes.

  • No, it's only available on more extensive packages. Check our Pricing page to compare plans and features.

  • Lifestyle analysis uses Twitter data as the reference and generates affinities utilizing Artificial Intelligence techniques. This way, lifestyle analysis provides results applicable to real life, not only to social media.

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