Kimola Newsletter | Analytics: Kidults: Nostalgia shopaholics!

Aug 14, 2023 - 3 min read
Kimola Newsletter | Analytics: Kidults: Nostalgia shopaholics!

Dear research and insight enthusiasts, in this week's newsletter, we're sharing a wealth of insights ranging from toys that transport adults back to their childhoods, consumer expectations from brands, to the reasons behind shopping cart abandonment.

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Adults are revisiting their childhood with toys.

According to a study conducted by MGA's Miniverse with the participation of 2,000 individuals from Generation Z and Y, nearly three-quarters of the participants are seeking their childhood favorites once again for nostalgic reasons. If given the opportunity, 67% of the participants would try to purchase a replica of something from their childhood, and 76% of them feel nostalgic during this process.

How generational preferences diverge?

The results of a recent Kagan Consumer Insights study reveal significant differences in digital entertainment usage between younger generations (Generation Z adults and Generation Y) and Boomers. Boomers are particularly focused on digital entertainment, spending approximately 8 hours on TV and video content. Generation Z and Generation Y dedicate 9 to 11 hours daily to digital entertainment, allocating more time to music and games while reducing TV and video watching time. Generation X, on the other hand, stands out by balancing entertainment habits between older and younger generations.

Consumers want brands to contribute to society.

The Ipsos Global Trends report reveals that people have clear expectations from brands and businesses. A significant 80% believe that brands can both make money and support good causes simultaneously, but the percentage of those who distrust business leaders is 53%. Furthermore, even if the cost is higher, 64% say they try to purchase products from socially responsible brands.

Americans are shifting gears in shopping!

Consumers are so busy that many of them don't even want to step out of their vehicles to shop! According to a survey by Dutch Bros, nearly half of Americans say they would avoid going to a store without a drive-thru option. In this study involving 2,000 US adults, 28% of people prefer the drive-thru option instead of walking into a store.

Security worries cause cart abandonment.

A study conducted by Radial reveals that nearly half of online shopping carts are abandoned due to security worries. The research indicates that factors such as website security (48%) and the security of personal information (45%) are the main drivers behind the increase in abandonment rates. Additionally, one-third of consumers state they have been victims of fraud incidents, such as unauthorized use of credit cards or financial information, within the last six months.

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