Kimola Newsletter | Cognitive: Pink dolphins gossip ai!

Aug 04, 2023 - 3 min read
Kimola Newsletter | Cognitive: Pink dolphins gossip ai!

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Hotel review analysis on Tripadvisor!

Today, the hotel industry operates in a highly competitive environment. In this context, market research plays a crucial role in the success of businesses. Hotel owners and those looking to enter new markets focus on customer feedback to make their hotels bigger or different. At this point, reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor play a critical role in increasing customer satisfaction. These reviews allow customers to evaluate the comfort, cleanliness, service, and other aspects of the hotel, making them a valuable resource for making a reliable hotel choice. At the same time, they also assist customers in their travel planning.

🔎 With Kimola's free research tool, the TripAdvisor Review Analyzer, you can analyze these valuable customer opinions, better identify your target audience, and make the most of customer feedback.

💎 You can check out the report on analyzing the customer reviews for Motto by Hilton and the research guide for hotel owners here.

AI monitors endangered pink dolphins.

Researchers are using artificial intelligence technology to track and map the movements of pink dolphins in the Amazon River. As a result of these studies, a neural network has been trained to recognize the dolphins' unique clicks and whistles. This method offers a less intrusive alternative compared to traditional tracking methods. Additionally, the AI system can distinguish between different two dolphin species and provides valuable information for conservation efforts.

AI will cause a job shift for 12 million people.

According to a new report published by McKinsey, it is expected that by 2030, productive artificial intelligence will bring significant changes to the workforce. The report predicts that these changes will not lead to mass unemployment but rather approximately 12 million workers will transition to new fields. Emphasis is placed on the importance of appropriate education and early preparation for workers to adapt to this change, such as STEM education in high schools. The report also states that productive AI will automate around 30% of working hours, impacting different sectors and job roles.

LinkedIn developing AI job application coach.

LinkedIn is developing an AI-powered chatbot called "LinkedIn Coach" to assist users in the job application and networking processes. This tool aims to provide users with a more effective experience by offering application support, integration with Microsoft products, and skill training.

3,000 news a week with robot journalists!

News Corp has widely embraced artificial intelligence in hyperlocal news coverage. The productive AI generates 3,000 articles per week, helping local newspapers cover topics such as weather, fuel prices, and traffic conditions. A team of only four people oversees the content written by the robot journalists for 75 community newspapers. The automated local news coverage is driving significant subscriptions, with 55% of News Corp's subscribers coming from hyperlocal newspapers.

Amazon launches AI service for the health sector!

Amazon has launched "AWS HealthScribe," an AI-powered platform that helps doctors create electronic health records by transcribing their conversations with patients into text. HealthScribe identifies roles in the conversations and categorizes the text into relevant clinical categories. Currently, this platform is available only for general medicine and orthopedics, providing doctors with the opportunity to review AI-generated notes.

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