We hire harmony

We define ourselves as a group of dataholics and we develop products that we dream of. We’re working for things to be proud of and we believe being a great fit for team is as important as your expertise.

Every day is an opportunity to learn a new thing from another person. That’s how we want to build and train our team. That’s why we’re the ones who believe that talented people should never spend their magic with working for late hours. If you don’t have any time to spend for yourself, you won’t be able to develop yourself. Search for the best for yourself and also for the team.

Be Awesome!
Be Awesome!

Your health is important than anything. We provide private health & life insurance and individual retirement programs in order for you to live a better life.

Dream on!
Dream on!

Who says data is boring? We are dreamers. Dataholics who are interested in arts, music, cinema are more than welcome to Kimola!

Keep on rocking!
Keep on rocking!

We love working –for enough time. Overtime is for mediocre and we want you to make time for yourself. Working from home in every 2 weeks is a rule and should be obeyed.

Some Tips

We don’t expect people to be the best, we want them to make things better every day.

That’s why our culture depends on three things; trying for better, curiosity and having the same goals. We get excited every time we say, “what if” and each of us has a different perspective but to stay on the same road. Even if we meet someone with best skills we need, we will always hire the other one who fits the team more, can join the culture and still has a little weird urge to develop it.

Just like every other company, we follow strict codes of ourselves.

We are a big data company, focused on understanding people with analyzing their behaviors by artificial intelligence; how they live, who they interact, what they like and what they do. We never liked custom solutions. We create our own scalable products that make smart conclusions which makes us a product company. And finally, even though we work for companies, not for individuals; our goal is to make our services reachable to inspire more developers, engineers and entrepreneurs with our Cognitive Services.

Kimola is a company with a start-up soul.

That’s why we adore challengers. We believe the best companies are built by great people who improve themselves every day with healthy working hours and places. Working for a day at home in every 2 weeks is essential since we expect you to manage your tasks from any where in the world. We’re happy to give initiatives to the ones who are brave enough to take smart risks. If you’re a solution first person, if you are able to find loopholes in daily situations and if you can think quickly, act quickly with good communication skills, you might be the one.

We review every application carefully and follow simple steps after reading your application in 15 days.

If we can feel your excitement with just reading what you wrote, we might get back to your for a couple of questions. We mostly arrange an online call before a face-to-face meeting. And finally, we invite you to spend one day with us at the office to see if you fit to the team and bring joy.

Open Positions

It looks like we don't have any open position for now.
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We Love Differences!

Every company has a hiring path, ours is more developed by the people we meet. If you feel like you should be working at Kimola, even if there’s no suitable position for you right now, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Sometimes we hire people if we realize that we obviously need them.