Kimola Newsletter | Analytics: Smells like Gen Z spirit!

Aug 25, 2023 - 3 min read
Kimola Newsletter | Analytics: Smells like Gen Z spirit!

App Store & Play Store Gaming App Customer Reviews!

In the mobile gaming industry, millions of people of all age groups engage with gaming applications through platforms like Google Play Store and App Store. These platforms not only provide a space where customer reviews shape game selections but also host a variety of game genres catering to different target audiences. Positive evaluations enhance game quality and user satisfaction, while negative feedback encourages the exploration of alternative games. Developers attach great importance to these reviews in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of games, capture user requests, and conduct market research. However, due to the diversity of games, analyzing reviews can be challenging. This is where Kimola's free research tools, Google Play Review Analyzer and App Store Review Analyzer, come into play. These tools allow for easy analysis of customer reviews for any selected game application. This enables developers to more effectively assess user feedback and gain valuable insights for improving their games.

💎 You can check out the report where we analyzed user reviews for Asphalt 9, a Legends Mobile Racing Game on the Google Play Store, and our research guide for application developers right here.

Understanding Generation Z's Food Relationship.

Ketchum's research reveals the intricacy in Generation Z's relationship with food. 61% of them state that they have felt pressure to eat for the purpose of reflecting their identity and beliefs since childhood, leading to negative emotions and anxiety. At the same time, a significant portion of this generation is observed to be "Food e-Vangelists," meaning they are effective consumers aiming to change the food system.

Discount Search in Holiday Shopping.

A new report by Nfinite indicates that due to tighter budgets, those engaging in holiday shopping are expected to focus more on discounts this year. 30% of participants express allocating lower budgets for holiday shopping compared to last year. Additionally, 56% plan to shop at discounted stores, and 42% aim to take advantage of special discount events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Value Perception in Consumer Purchases.

Research conducted by Chime shows that only 55% of US adults consider their purchases to be "worth every penny." Particularly, transportation, home appliances, and meaningful experiences stand out as purchases that provide the most value for money. The research also highlights that for purchases made to make oneself feel good, food, clothing, gifts, beauty products, and experiences take the spotlight.

In-Store or Online Discoveries?

According to Numerator's research, 69% of those engaging in back-to-school shopping plan to shop in stores. 17% prefer online shopping, and 9% opt for online shopping with in-store pickup. Additionally, a trend toward quick and early shopping completion is observed. 34% of participants aim to complete all their shopping in one day or in a single session.

8 Out of 10 Hybrid Workers Enjoy TV While Working.

According to TonerGiant's research, 82% of hybrid workers in the UK state that they watch television while working from home. Men watch TV 5% more than women and have an average of 19 minutes more daily viewing time. Streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ are commonly preferred, while daytime TV programs are also popular. Additionally, 16% of participants admit to playing video games during working hours. 

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