10 Tools for Tracking Customer Experience

Sep 07, 2023 - 17 min read
10 Tools for Tracking Customer Experience

In the virtual realm, your website or app is often customers' first interaction with your brand. Like a welcoming smile at a physical store, your digital interface sets the tone for the entire customer journey. A delightful experience can foster loyalty, advocacy, and repeat business, while a frustrating one can send potential customers straight into the arms of your competitors.

Think of your favourite coffee shop – they remember your name and preferred drink and maybe even ask about your day. Translating this personalized connection into the digital world might seem complex, but it's the key to standing out in a crowded digital marketplace. Studies show that customers are willing to pay more for a better experience and are likelier to share their positive experiences with others.

Beyond the warm and fuzzy feelings, data-driven customer experiences can tell you precisely what your customers want, what they're frustrated with, and how to enhance your offerings. It's like having a crystal ball that reveals your customers' desires – isn't that every marketer's dream?

So, whether you're a digital trailblazer or just starting on the path to creating exceptional customer experiences, our curated list of tools will help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of the digital realm. Get ready to unlock insights, optimize interactions, and elevate your brand's digital customer experience game!

Stay tuned for the upcoming segments, where we'll introduce you to a toolkit that includes everything from analytics powerhouses to personalization wizards. Let's embark on this journey together, where data meets creativity to shape unforgettable digital customer experiences.

On this blog post, I'm going to tell you 10 tools you need to use for tracking customer experience. Here is a short list for the ones who are impatient;

Top 10 CX Tracking Tools

1- Google Analytics 

2- HubSpot CRM

3- UserTesting

4- SurveyMonkey

5- Kimola Cognitive | Customer Feedback Analysis  

6- SEMrush

7- VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)

8- Sprout Social

9- LiveChat

10- Hotjar

How to Choose the Right Tools for Your Business?

Building a solid digital customer experience (CX) is crucial for any business that wants to thrive today. Fortunately, there are many tools available to help you achieve this. For example, customer relationship management (CRM) software can be invaluable for tracking customer interactions across all channels. This information can be used to personalize your CX and identify areas for improvement.

Additionally, customer journey mapping software can help you visualize the customer journey from start to finish. By doing this, you can identify opportunities to improve the customer experience at each stage of the trip. Social media monitoring tools can also be beneficial for tracking customer sentiment on social media. This information can be used to identify potential problems and address them before they escalate.

Customer feedback management tools are another excellent option for improving your CX. These tools can help you collect and analyze customer feedback, which can be used to improve your products, services, and CX overall. Personalization engines can also be beneficial for delivering personalized content and experiences to customers. This can help you build stronger relationships with customers and increase their loyalty.

Other tools, such as recommendation engines, chatbots, and virtual assistants, can be beneficial. For example, recommendation engines can help you recommend products and services that customers are likely to be interested in, which can help you increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. Chatbots can provide 24/7 customer support, which can help you improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Finally, virtual assistants can help customers with tasks such as finding information and making purchases, which can help customers save time and effort. Many tools are available to help you build a strong digital CX, and choosing the ones that are right for your business is essential.

When choosing CX tools, it is essential to consider your specific needs and goals. Some factors to consider include:

  • The size and complexity of your business 
  • The channels you use to interact with customers 
  • The types of customer data you collect 
  • Your budget

Once you have considered these factors, you can start to narrow down your choices. It is also a good idea to read reviews and compare features before deciding. So, let's dive into the world of customer experience and examine the best tools available to help your brand thrive!

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a fundamental tool for improving digital customer experience. It offers comprehensive data on user behaviour, preferences, and navigation patterns on your website. By analyzing where visitors originate, which pages they interact with, and where they exit, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your website's user experience.


Google Analytics is undoubtedly a powerful web analytics tool, notable for its seamless integration with other Google products such as Google Ads and Google Search Console. This integration simplifies cross-channel analysis and campaign optimization, making online marketing management more efficient. Despite a slight learning curve, Google Analytics boasts a user-friendly interface with a modern and improved experience in its recent GA4 update. Moreover, it offers a robust free version, making data analysis accessible to businesses of all sizes and democratizing data-driven decisions. 


Google Analytics is free, so you can create an account on Gmail and start your data-driven journey immediately.

2. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is a powerful customer relationship management tool that offers seamless management, tracking, and nurturing of customer interactions. With its personalized communication and automated follow-ups, you can create long-lasting relationships that drive customer loyalty and advocacy.


Tracking Jira tickets within HubSpot makes life easier because it's like a one-stop shop for your daily duties. You don't need to go to several places to see what you need to do for the day. It is intuitive to use, and its menu is quite simple.


HubSpot CRM has not provided pricing information for this product or service. You can contact HubSpot CRM Integration for Jira to obtain current pricing. In addition, a free trial of HubSpot CRM is available. 

3. UserTesting

Are you curious about the realistic user experience on your website? UserTesting offers the ability to design tests that closely mimic genuine user interactions, which enables you to receive feedback directly from your intended audience


User Testing enables teams to run different types of valuable tests in the early stages of product development because of its intuitive test builder and the large panel of testers.


UserTesting has three pricing editions. You can look at different pricing editions and see what editions and features meet your budget and needs. Also, a free trial of UserTesting is available. 

4. SurveyMonkey

Gaining insight into the needs and preferences of your customers is crucial for optimizing your digital CX. SurveyMonkey provides a comprehensive platform for collecting feedback on multiple aspects of your customer experience. Analyzing this data lets you identify pain points and adjust your strategies to deliver a more customer-centric experience.


Survey Monkey is one of the easiest to use of the options out there. Collecting payments and creating something that looks like belongs to your business is helpful. You can use it for various things, from signup for upcoming classes to collecting feedback on the website.


SurveyMonkey has not provided pricing information for the product or service. You can contact SurveyMonkey to obtain current pricing. In addition, a free trial of SurveyMonkey is available.  

5. Kimola Cognitive

Kimola Cognitive is an innovative customer feedback analysis tool that operates without the need for coding. It has a free trial for seven days, so feel free to jump on the free trial right away. It can collect and scrape customer feedback with its browser extension and analyze customer feedback by only dragging and dropping the Excel file onto the dashboard. It applies natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to categorize customer feedback and utilizes GPT technology to create compelling marketing materials; users can develop executive summaries, generate product descriptions and even brand slogans based on their customer feedback. (Who will know you better than your customer, right?)

  consumer experience

With Kimola Cognitive, you can; 

  • Scrape reviews with its free browser extension 
  • Create custom models with drag and drop and train AI,
  • Classify and analyze customer feedback with pre-built classifiers. (There is a massive gallery for each business!)
  • Make sentiment analysis
  • See NPS Score
  • Create customer journey reports
  • Extract popular terms and topics
  • Search in customer reviews
  • Create marketing materials based on your customer reviews

Kimola is an excellent alternative solution capable of receiving and evaluating comments from platforms like Amazon Booking, Etsy, and Instagram. It efficiently categorizes data, conducts sentiment analysis, and provides rapid results. Users can also generate PDF reports, add personalized notes, and create customized models through straightforward drag-and-drop actions for AI training.  

Using Kimola Cognitive, individuals can produce marketing content like SWOT analysis, product descriptions, and social media themes by drawing insights from customer reviews. Kimola Cognitive delivers an exceptional user experience with an outstanding value-for-money proposition. With Kimola Cognitive, you can generate outcomes that enable the creation of marketing materials driven by customer feedback.

Kimola Cognitive - Pricing

Kimola Cognitive's pricing structure revolves around query limits, making the volume of customer feedback you intend to analyze a crucial factor. If your business falls into the small or mid-size category, the basic package, priced at $199 per month with a generous allowance of 10,000 queries, is an ideal choice to align with your business needs.

See all the plans and features offered by Kimola Cognitive

6. SEMrush

To achieve a thriving digital CX, it's crucial to have visibility. SEMrush is an effective tool that helps recognize pertinent keywords, track your site's search engine ranking, and scrutinize your rivals' tactics. With search engine optimization, you can enhance your content's quality and make it more easily discoverable by improving your brand's visibility.


The features related to content marketing in Semrush are excellent. The capabilities for conducting topic research using a starting keyword and utilizing SEO content templates stand out as the most valuable offerings provided by Semrush. These features greatly assist you in shaping your content program and are a valuable resource for your authors in content creation.


Semrush has five pricing editions. You can look at different pricing editions and see what editions and features meet your budget and needs. A free trial of Semrush is also available. 

7. VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)

In order to perfect your digital customer experience, it is essential to conduct experiments. VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) is a powerful platform for A/B testing and enhancing your digital customer experience. It offers a wide array of features, including A/B testing, split URL tests, and multivariate tests to optimize various aspects of your website. VWO also provides heatmaps and session recordings for in-depth insights into user behaviour. Furthermore, it offers personalization and targeting features for delivering customized experiences to different audience segments. With VWO, you can experiment with design and content variations, track their impact on engagement and conversions, and make informed decisions to improve your digital customer experience.


VWO is a powerful and easy-to-use testing tool. The documentation is solid, and the UI is simple enough to get by. You can also derive significant value from their professional service that empowers your team to develop ideas and code tests. In addition, their prices are much more affordable than other "corporate" tools. 


VWO Testing has three pricing editions. You can look at different pricing editions and see what editions and features meet your budget and needs. A free trial of VWO Testing is also available.

8. Sprout Social

In order to successfully manage your brand's digital CX, social media is a critical touchpoint. Luckily, Sprout Social provides a comprehensive solution for this task. With Sprout Social, you can effectively manage multiple social accounts, schedule posts, engage with customers, and measure the impact of your social media efforts – all from a single platform.


Sprout can make it easy for teams to collaborate and have a central hub for all the accounts and brands you manage. The planning and calendar tool makes daily life very easy, and the reporting is very informative. Also, if you have a question or request you need answered as soon as possible, you can act immediately.


Sprout Social has four pricing editions. You can look at different pricing editions and see what editions and features meet your budget and needs. Also, a free trial of Sprout Social is available.  

9. LiveChat

LiveChat is a versatile customer support platform specializing in real-time chat and messaging solutions. It offers live chat support for websites and integrates with popular messaging platforms, making it easy to engage with customers across channels. The platform includes features like chatbots and automation for efficient support, visitor monitoring for personalized assistance, and a ticketing system to manage inquiries beyond live chat. Robust reporting and analytics tools help businesses track chat performance and customer satisfaction. With customization options and a focus on security and compliance, LiveChat is ideal for companies looking to provide immediate and multichannel support to enhance customer experiences.  


LiveChat excels at integrating third-party software tools, making it an outstanding chat-based customer interaction software. LiveChat's integration capabilities with third-party software tools greatly improve your customer communication and marketing efforts. So, this is the area where LiveChat will impress you the most.


LiveChat has four pricing editions. You can look at different pricing editions and see what editions and features meet your budget and needs. A free trial of LiveChat is also available. 

10. Hotjar

Hotjar, established in 2014, is a cutting-edge customer experience tool that comprehensively empowers businesses to understand user behaviour on their websites and apps. Through its suite of features, including heatmaps, session recordings, surveys, and feedback collection, Hotjar facilitates a thorough examination of user interactions. It enables businesses to answer vital questions about their online presence, such as identifying popular website sections, user preferences, and potential issues, understanding user motivations and pain points, optimizing conversion rates, and continually enhancing their digital assets based on data-driven insights. Hotjar serves both newcomers and experts in the realm of customer experience, making it a valuable tool for improving online interactions and user satisfaction.


Hotjar is a user-friendly tool that aids designers in enhancing application user experiences. Its versatile toolset, including heat mapping, session replay, feedback surveys, and general surveys, addresses various aspects of website optimization. Hotjar records user sessions, providing insights into website navigation and interaction. The tool generates heatmaps, highlighting areas of user clicks, movements, and scrolling, facilitating a deeper understanding of user behaviour. Hotjar is highly intuitive and delivers precisely what users need for website optimization.


Hotjar offers 12 pricing options to find the right edition with features that suit your requirements and budget. Explore the various pricing plans. Note that pricing details for Hotjar are either provided by the software provider or sourced from publicly available pricing materials. Also, a free trial of Hotjar is available.  

Conclusion for Quick Readers

As a result, building a strong digital customer experience (CX) is vital for modern businesses. Various tools are available to assist in this endeavour. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software tracks interactions across channels, enabling personalization and improvement insights. Customer journey mapping tools visualize the entire customer path, highlighting areas for CX enhancement. Social media monitoring tools gauge sentiment on social platforms for proactive issue resolution. 

Feedback management tools collect and analyze customer input for product, service, and CX improvements. Personalization engines tailor content for stronger customer relationships. Additional tools like recommendation engines, chatbots, and virtual assistants enhance sales, support, and customer satisfaction. When choosing CX tools, consider factors like business size, channels, data, and budget, and research thoroughly to make informed decisions. The world of CX offers diverse tools to empower your brand's success. 

Are you also into creating a seamsless customer experience analysis? Skip to this blog post to understand how to analyze customer experience data. 

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