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Feature-Level Analysis

Conduct a detailed examination of specific features or facets of a product, delving into a granular analysis of its performance. Discern the strengths and weaknesses inherent in different areas but also gain a comprehensive understanding of how individual components contribute to the overall customer experience. Pinpoint areas of excellence, address and leverage them strategically. Foster a continuous cycle of enhancement and refinement. Leverage multi-label classification for informed decision-making, guiding product development efforts towards optimizing the overall value proposition and ensuring customer satisfaction at every level.

Feature-Level Analysis
Minimize Manual Workload of CX Teams

Minimize Manual Workload of CX Teams

Liberate Customer Experience Teams from the monotony of routine tasks, unlock the potential to delve deeper into insights. Empower customer experience teams to channel their efforts towards crafting more enriching and personalized customer experience journeys. Leverage generating summaries, FAQ’s along with multi-label classification technology where efficiency meets creativity, and where the power of detailed feedback analysis paves the way for lasting customer satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Multi-label classification is a text analysis technique to define text data with multiple labels. These labels define the context of the text data.

  • Multi-label classification in Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a machine learning task where a model is trained to assign multiple labels or categories to a given input text or document. In traditional binary classification, a document is assigned to one of two classes (e.g., spam or not spam). However, in multi-label classification, a document can belong to multiple classes simultaneously.

  • Multi-label classification for customer feedback is a machine learning technique where a model assigns multiple labels or categories to a piece of feedback. This approach allows for a more nuanced analysis, as customer feedback often covers various aspects, sentiments, or concerns simultaneously. At Kimola Cognitive, when multi-label technology is combined with the autoclassifier, multi-label classification can be performed easily, without any training.

  • Multi-label classification enhances the depth of feedback analysis by enabling the identification of multiple themes within a single customer review. This approach provides a more comprehensive understanding of customer sentiments, allowing businesses to address diverse aspects of their products or services.

  • Multi-label classification is versatile and can be applied to various types of customer feedback, especially when feedback covers multiple dimensions. It is particularly beneficial when businesses want to analyze feedback that may express sentiments or concerns across different aspects simultaneously.

  • By offering a more detailed and nuanced analysis, multi-label classification helps businesses uncover specific areas that contribute to positive or negative customer experiences. This insight allows for targeted improvements, ensuring that businesses can enhance overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Kimola Cognitive is one of the few platforms that offer multi-label classification in 25+ languages. The platform also allows 7-days free trial, so everyone can sign up and try it.

  • Kimola Cognitive offers three different plans for different businesses. Users who have Standard and Enterprise plan can perform multi-label classification on Kimola Cognitive.

  • Unfortunately, we’re not offering multi-label classification on free trial accounts but you can always reach out to the Kimola team via contact form to have a demo session.

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