Scrape and Analyze Youtube Comments

Kimola Cognitive’s Chrome Extension scrapes Youtube comments and helps analyze Youtube comments automatically. Whether you're a music creator or a Youtuber, you will be able to grab Youtube comments and analyze the content without any coding skills.

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Add Kimola's web scraping extension to your Google Chrome or Opera browser to get started.

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Set your API key so the browser extension will connect your account and save the scraped content.

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You will see a small badge on the top of the icon when there is any scrapable content on a website.

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Scrape Youtube comments with our Google Chrome Extension

Kimola Cognitive’sChrome Extension can scrape Youtube comments, Capterra Comments, Amazon reviews, Yelp reviews and 20+ more websites that users can comment and drop reviews. Sign up for a free trial and try our browser extension and analyze your comments with Kimola Cognitive right away!

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Scrape Youtube comments with our Google Chrome Extension
Download Youtube comments in Excel

Download Youtube comments in Excel

By using Kimola’s Airset Generator, you only need to scroll down to get Youtube comments. After scrolling down, the red badge will appear on our extension, after clicking “Start Scraping”, you will be able to get Youtube comments easily. The comments will appear on Kimola Cognitive’s dashboard on Airsets menu. You’ll be able to download the comments in Excel and upload it on Kimola Cognitive’s dashboard.

Analyze Youtube Comments Online Free

Start your 7 day free trial and upload your Youtube comments excel file by simply dragging and dropping. Follow the onboarding cards by clicking Next, choose the best classifiers related to your content and start analyzing right away.

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Analyze Youtube Comments Online Free
Analyze Sentiment of Youtube Comments

Analyze Sentiment of Youtube Comments

Kimola Cognitive offers pre-built models for free to analyze sentiment of Youtube comments. Drag & drop your data on Kimola Cognitive’s dashboard and choose the sentiment model to analyze sentiment of Youtube comments.

For Music Creators

Scrape commentas of your latest music video and analyze it automatically to understand what your listeners are telling you. You can also scrape Youtube comments of your look-a-like musicians to understand the expectations of your future fans.

For Customer Experience Managers

Scrape Youtube comments of your customers that are asking questions below your new advertising campaign video or your lately launched product video.Are they talking about the pricing or the quality of your product? You’ll see!

For Marketing Pros

Every marketer needs to understand Youtube, so do you. Scrape Youtube comments below your competitor’s product videos, ad campaigns, or even comments of your targeted influencers’ videos to understand your audience better.

World-Class Customer Support

Since data analytics is a highly sophisticated area, besides offering a good UI/UX, Kimola provides educational content such as articles and video tutorials. Also, you will have live chat support in the dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Web scraping is a computer program technique of extracting data from website. With Kimola Cognitive's Airset Browser Extension, Youtube comments that can be found under the videos can be scraped by scrolling.

  • Yes, it's totally legal to scrape public data on internet. United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit decided that scraping public data on internet is not a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act or CFAA. You can scrape comments with our browser extension that is published on Chrome Web Store. Simply follow this link to add the extension to your browser and read this support article to set it.

  • Using Kimola Cognitive's browser extension Airset Generator, you can scrape comments and download it from the Airsets menu of Kimola Cognitive as an .xls file.

  • Whether you're a content creator, music creator or a marketing manager, scraping Youtube comments can help you build better marketing strategies.

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