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Accurate and viable social listening reports significantly affects your marketing plans and strategies.

Stay on top of your work by checking regular email reports.

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A Visual Dashboard Summary

Have the minimalist data summaries in email format rather than logging into your account on a web browser. Automated email reports bring you the core analysis you need about your social listening. You can click on items to get more information or change the filters on your dashboard, but automated email reports are designed to give you all in a short time, especially on a mobile screen.

A Visual Dashboard Summary
Have Full Control of Frequency and Content

Have Full Control of Frequency and Content

Each time your start a social listening on the platform, some email reports are generated automatically to help you to get started quickly. On the other hand, you can change the frequencies of your existing email reports or choose to create your own anytime you want. You can add or remove your teammates from email reports so they easily onboard a new social listening.

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Keyword Tracking

Collect and analyze conversations around your keywords on social networks, forums, blogs, and news sites.

Link Tracking

Track web pages to automatically scrape and analyze reviews on e-commerce websites, marketplaces and forums.

Lifestyle Analysis

Unlock the demographics analysis with interests, tv shows, radio, news, brands, influencer and celebrity affinities.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Automated email reports are minified reports that show metrics and content samples about your social listening for a specific period.

  • You can create email reports with a minimum of 3 hours period. You can even set email reports to have once a year, so there is no limit for the maximum period length for the frequency.

  • There is no limit, but to get the best out of automated email reports, we highly recommend only getting email reports once a day.

  • Yes, you have full control over automated email reports, so you can modify frequency and content anytime on your dashboard.

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