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Consumers constantly share what matters to them the most on online channels about any topic.

Track your keywords to capture the public opinion.

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Your Business, Competitors and the Entire Industry

Collect conversations about any topic across social media channels, forums, blogs, and news platforms. Have total control of digital platforms for crisis management and understand consumer opinion around your brand, product, or competitor. Use our platform for social media listening to easily analyze tons of conversations and news by leveraging unique features like sentiment content, lifestyle analysis and filters such as "human detection".

Track keywords relevant to your business and also competitors. This will allow you to compare trends in conversations and see what matters the most for your consumers and position your business.

Your Business, Competitors and the Entire Industry
Primary, Must Have and Restricted Keywords

Primary, Must Have and Restricted Keywords

Choosing keywords to start a social listening is just the beginning. Besides the primary keywords, you can also set including or exclude keywords if needed. These specifications help you collect conversations relevant to your topic, so you have clean data analysis to build your strategies on it.

During your social listening, you can define, change and remove your primary keywords at any time. This also applies to including or excluding keywords to keep your data clean and relevant.

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Link Tracking

Track web pages to automatically scrape and analyze reviews on e-commerce websites, marketplaces and forums.

Email Reports

Keep up with your marketing and sales strategies by getting automated email reports with summaries and visualizations.

Lifestyle Analysis

Unlock the demographics analysis with interests, tv shows, radio, news, brands, influencer and celebrity affinities.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Keywords are single or multiple-word phrases to search conversations on social networks, forums, blogs, and news sites. You can have a primary keyword like coffee and filter out the ones containing milk by turning your keyword into coffee -milk.

  • Choose social listening keywords by considering which words consumers use daily around your research topic. They might use the word latte rather than espresso with milk; in this case, we should have both latte and espresso with milk. Choosing the right keywords directly affects the data quality in terms of contextual relevance, so it's also better to consider the local culture where your research is conducted.

  • It depends on your subscription plan. You can check the usage menu on your dashboard for the used and remaining keyword count.

  • Yes, you have full control over keywords, so you can modify them anytime on your dashboard.

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