A free packaged distribution of Apache Cassandra

to easily install and run as a service on Windows.


Download Cassandrows, It's Free!

Cassandrows is a package that installs and configures Apache Cassandra on Windows to run as a service.


Install JRE

Apache Cassandra needs Java Runtime Environment, so does Cassandrows.


Install Cassandrows

Just follow the step-by-step installation wizard for the installation.


Happy Coding!

See Cassandrows up and running on the Windows Service Manager!

Runs smoothly on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008.

Installs Apache Cassandra 3.11 that released on August 01, 2018.

Specify an Installation Folder

All installation files will be copied to this directory. This folder does not have to be your storage folder, you can specify your storage settings on cassandra.yaml file.

Configure the Basics

Specify the snitch property based on your needs. Also make sure you name all nodes same in the same cluster.

Power of Multi-Node!

If you are planning to run Apache Cassandra with a multi-node configuration these settings will help you to cover the fundamentals.

Start the fire!

If you plan to change any settings on cassandra.yaml file, uncheck "Start Cassandra after installation" option. But it makes things faster on a development environment to start Apache Cassandra right away!

Cassandrows is Up & Ready

Open Windows Service Manager (services.msc) and see Cassandrows on the list. Service will be working in the background even if you sign out from the Windows server.


Cassandrows is one of the outputs of our hard-working hours while we are building a rock-solid data architecture for Kimola.

Why did you build Cassandrows?

Since we spend a considerable amount of time for setting up Apache Cassandra for both development and production environments we decided to create a package and share with the Windows developer community.

Can I manually configure Apache Cassandra?

Yes. While following the step-by-step installation wizard, all the changes effects cassandra.yaml file located in the installation folder. You can also change these settings manually by editing this file.

I have some ideas about Cassandrows, can I share?

Yes. We love to hear from developers! Feel free to share your comments and ideas, it means a lot to us. And let us know if you build a software by using Cassandrows.

So you suggest Apache Cassandra as a NoSQL database?

No. It all changes based on your product's needs, there are many NoSQL databases available for developers, we suggest you to analyze them all.