7 Best Customer Experience Management Tools

Sep 22, 2023 - 12 min read
7 Best Customer Experience Management Tools

The already well-known thing is selling your product to new prospects is at least five times harder than selling to existing customers. So, businesses should listen to their customers first to earn their loyalty. Earning customer loyalty depends on creating seamless customer experience, and today I'll show you the best customer experience management tools for marketers.

I can see lots of dark clouds on your head 🌩ī¸ đŸ˜ļ‍đŸŒĢī¸(don't worry) about choosing customer experience management software; so I'd like to give seven best customer experience management tools. I will:

  • Try all 7 customer feedback management platforms and tell their features,
  • Show how they compare to each other
  • Highlight their reviews from G2 and Capterra

So, if it's time to choose customer experience solutions, you're in the right place.

Here is our shortlist, feel free to jump on a free trial of these tools right away. You can also check our post on how to choose a customer experience tool right here.

Best Customer Experience Management Tools

1- Kimola Cognitive (Start free trial here)
Analyze customer feedback by starting from $199 for SMB's, one of the easiest tools in the market. 

2- Reputation 
A full customer management platform for enterprises (don't expect to analyze customer feedback very detailed)

3- Birdeye 
Great for connecting all review channels in one place.

4- Churnzero 
Great to track customers one by one; needs a team to manage the platform.

5- AskNicely
Great for collecting feedback from various of channels such as e-mail, SMS, surveys.

6-  Gainsight
A whole product for customer success, needs a team to manage the platform.

7- Qualtrics
One of the most known vendors for creating customer journey.

What is Kimola Cognitive?

Kimola Cognitive is a customer feedback analysis platform for CX teams, marketing and research professionals. Kimola Cognitive has members across 50+ countries and can analyze customer feedback in 26 languages. 

Here are the main reasons we recommend Kimola Cognitive:

  • Ability to classify customer feedback with dynamic categorization and offers high accuracy rate for sentiment analysis.
  • Ability to scrape data with its own browser extension
  • Great UI & UX, very easy to use
  • Not just for enterprises, but also a great fit for SMB's.
  • Can create executive summary with GPT integration, or even can write product descriptions based on customer reviews

⚡ If you're looking for a tool to analyze customer feedback, Kimola Cognitive offers a free trial for 7 days.

best customer experience tools

Kimola Cognitive Pricing

Kimola Cognitive's packages based on query limits, so the count of the customer feedback you're analyzing matters. If you're a small or a mid-size business, the basic package, which is $199 with 10.000 queries monthly will be a great fit to your business.

See all the plans and features offered by Kimola Cognitive

Kimola Cognitive Reviews

Kimola has gained 5 tacos from each review on Appsumo. 

👍 Pros

Great product that's becoming even more powerful! Kimola Cognitive has been a great find for me. I've purchased and used a few similar products before, but the stand-out features of Kimola (for me) are:

1) The user is always first and foremost: in the design of the product as well as support interactions.

2) Their focus on ease-of-use. Where possible, you only need to make some choices from pre-existing options. ie: click, click, click, go.

3) Pre-existing options for many common use-cases. No need to create any custom models for many use-cases.

4) Simple to create custom models when required ie: when pre-existing ones are not sufficient.

5) Their ENERGY and DESIRE to continually improve their product. 

Support is brilliant. That's all.

👎 Cons

Longtime AppSumo buying beast here... Kimola is an interesting tool -- certainly a few holes in their documentation and onboarding, but their customer service makes up for it. Truly amazing, never-before experienced video support. Much appreciated!

See how Kimola Cognitive wins the game when it comes to comparing Monkeylearn and Chattermill.

What is Reputation?

Reputation, a customer experience platform founded in 2006, helps you to track your entire customer journey in one platform. In addition, Reputation has a mobile app for tracking. Reputation Customer Experience platform translates vast amounts of solicited and unsolicited feedback data into insights companies use to learn from and grow – including CX and Operations. Reputation provides a solution to managing reviews and responding to reviews quickly. You'll improve your Reputation and increase your customers for your business with Reputation.

Reputation Pricing

Reputation has not provided pricing information for products or services. They don't offer a Free Trial. 

Reputation Reviews

Here are a few G2 & Capterra reviews for better understanding;

👍 Pros

The best part about the platform is the ease of use. Once implemented, you can manage all your listings in one place. It covers the significant maps platforms, including Google, Apple, and Bing, ensuring that your customers are getting the correct information, regardless of the device they are using. It also helps us maintain a consistent brand image across the primary listings since it is all in a central dashboard.
The Analytics tools are also really useful. We can compare listing performance over time and look at specific near-term and long-term trends. This helps us understand our customer sentiment in a way that was very manual in the past.

👎 Cons

Without having a dedicated staff member looking after our reputation management, it wasn't easy to keep up with the vast amount of data and information coming from the platform. We also struggled with the negative review responses as the messaging in the responses wasn't always what we wanted to say as a business. To the customer, it all looks like it comes from the business.

What is Birdeye?

Birdeye is a Customer Experience(CX) management tool that can share surveys, get customer experience from emails, and create review campaigns. Businesses use Birdeye daily to attract new leads with listings, reviews, and referrals, convert them into customers with webchat and appointments, and delight those customers with surveys, ticketing, and insights.

Birdeye users love how Birdeye has all of social platforms in one place. But also, %5 of their clients have left very bad reviews on G2 about Integration Issues, Expensive payment plans, and slow working Issues.

Birdeye Pricing

Birdeye still needs to provide pricing information; thus, it's not easy for them to give pricing in 3 simple packages as they're offering too many features simultaneously. You will need to submit a form to get pricing details. 

Birdeye Reviews

Here are a few G2 & Capterra reviews for better understanding;

👍 Pros

We switched from a very popular review and reputation tool to Birdeye. We were treated with white glove service from the moment that our integration began. We had a lot of questions and special requests that were addressed quickly and with enthusiasm. If there was a challenge, the team was willing to jump on a call with our technical team to figure out a solution. I would recommend this tool and team to anyone in the industry looking to grow their reviews and drive more customers.

👎 Cons

The service itself did not function as advertised. Campaigns were not sent properly - several times, they were sent only soliciting for internal (Birdeye) reviews and not review sites. Campaigns were sent at incorrect times. Bird-eye's implementation staff would not process our contact database as we had shown. They injected fake reviews to provide the appearance of a greater volume of response.
The customer support was awful (I had one individual who had a managerial title lie to me on multiple occasions), and the senior management was nearly as incapable. Had the service actually functioned in the manner advertised, I wouldn't have actually had to speak with anyone at the company - I'd have just let it do its thing.

What is ChurnZero?

First of all, ChurnZero functions as a firm specializing in software development, catering specifically to SaaS and subscription-oriented enterprises. It delivers software solutions tailored to the unique needs of these businesses.

  • ChurnZero offers journeys, health scores, survey tools, segmentation, games, reporting, real-time alerts, walkthroughs, collaboration centres and more, and integrates easily with your CRM and technology stack. 
  • It is a tool that allows you to make better decisions based on data, or if we don't have the data, we can now easily A/B test. Processes get better defined and automated. It is allowing us to scale.
  • ChurnZero is useful by CSM and other teams for managing customer engagement, tracking health and loss, logging notes, accessing dashboards, and setting refresh alerts. 

ChurnZero Pricing 

ChurnZero has not disclosed the pricing details for this particular product or service. You should conduct final discussions about the cost of acquiring ChurnZero in direct contact with the seller. Unfortunately, ChurnZero does not offer free trials. 

ChurnZero Review

Here are a few G2 & Capterra reviews for better understanding;

👍 Pros

The outstanding customer support and success team at ChurnZero are exceptionally dedicated to meeting your needs. Rapid data retrieval and export impress other teams, while their assistance spans from product inquiries to advanced customer success strategies. The superb customer service includes a consistently helpful main contact. It's an effective tool for tracking client usage, aiding in issue resolution, revenue preservation, and accurate forecasting.

👎 Cons

It has to be used every day at work. Customers need to schedule time to use weekly to make all their entries. Also, It is very difficult to configure everything in the beginning. It takes some time to set everything up initially as the product is so complex. On the other hand, HubSpot sync only syncs tasks; There is no synchronization for emails or notes. The Custom Table interface (where integrations are synced) is badly formatted, which makes it hard to read.

What is AskNicely?  

AskNicely is quite helpful in customer experience management. It has a single desktop-to-mobile platform for human-powered businesses. Feedback, insight, coaching, and brand-appropriate service standards are now a tool equipped to improve the service experience customers receive every day. 

  • Customer Feedback: Effortlessly gather feedback from each customer through various channels (Email, SMS, Web Page) throughout their journey with our engaging and quick surveys. These surveys are personalized interviews, providing response rates above the norm.
  • Automatic Reviews and Referrals: Leverage automated workflows to turn feedback into positive reviews that increase online ratings and referrals and drive new business growth.
  • Coaching and Recognition: Provide managers with tools for exceptional customer experiences, including coaching prompts, employee experience insights, and reporting capabilities for teams and individuals.
  • Business Concepts: Identify gaps between service standards and actual delivery by evaluating the performance of business units, locations, teams, and individuals. By visualizing the areas that the customer values, you can optimize your focus.

AskNicely Pricing

AskNicely has two pricing versions. By looking at the different pricing versions, you can see which version and features meet your budget and needs. To purchase Ask Nicely, you must negotiate the final cost with the seller. Regrettably, ChurnZero does not provide a free trial.

AskNicely Reviews

Here are a few G2 & Capterra reviews for a better understanding;

👍 Pros

They have a customer success manager who is the key to your success. They stand behind their products, are open to advice and are action-oriented. Instead of sending your surveys all at once, you can schedule them to be sent whenever and however you want, in increments. It can give you more control over how you are heard. One of the nice things about AskNicely is its simplicity and focus on NPS. Also, the ability to ask permission to use comments made on the NPS question in your marketing is really cool.

👎 Cons

One of the most disliked things is not being able to manage people in the way you find most intuitive. Navigating the interface can be confusing when you go somewhere other than your to-do list. Some of the integration work is not so simple. Sometimes, it can be a little confusing to figure out whether you're looking at a subset of your account or the entirety.

What is Gainsight?

Gainsight is a technology company that provides various software solutions to enhance the customer experience and elevate product analytics.

  • Gainsight simplifies the process for customer success, product, and community engagement teams to achieve streamlined scalability, foster alignment, and attain a comprehensive understanding of their clientele. 
  • These collective efforts contribute to boosting product adoption, mitigating churn, and expanding customer communities.
  • Gainsight’s product portfolio is used by hundreds of companies, including nearly 200 publicly traded organizations.  
  • Leading companies like GE Digital, SAP Concur, Box, and others use Gainsight. 

Gainsight Pricing

Gainsight has not disclosed the pricing details for this particular product or service. You should conduct final discussions about the cost of acquiring Gainsight in direct contact with the seller. Unluckily, Gainsight does not provide a free trial. 

Gainsight Reviews

Here are a few G2 & Capterra reviews for a better understanding;

👍 Pros

The reporting capabilities are very advanced, the support team is always able to help, and it's possible to get anything important in a couple of clicks. The interface of Gainsight is clear and easy to understand. Also, It is easy to use and very slick to navigate and I enjoy working with it every day. You can customize the dashboard to your client's needs. In addition, you can level-setting the effectiveness of your reps and make their action lead to direct impacts on customer success. Even when you run into issues, they are quick to help and support you.

👎 Cons

You can't just assume you can build rough Call to Actions (CTAs), and the program will pay for itself. 

What is Qualtrics? 

The world's most iconic brands use Qualtrics Customer XM to put people at the centre of business. Qualtrics CustomerXM helps you create a people-centred business to take action with empathy that will benefit your customers and your business. Utilizing adaptable dashboards based on roles, dynamic handling of cases, and seamless integration with your CRM, you can provide unparalleled customer experiences.

  • You can understand and show you care about customers, their experiences and their needs, and take actions that ultimately create real business value, whether to increase spending, reduce loss or minimize service cost. 
  • The platform is designed to allow you to do this quickly and at scale.
  • Qualtrics will help you build this culture across the organization by giving the teams best placed to make a difference access to insights and recommended actions.

Qualtrics Pricing

Qualtrics Customer Experience has not disclosed pricing details for this product or service. You should contact Qualtrics Customer Experience to obtain current pricing. Unfortunately, Qualtrics does not offer free trials.

Qualtrics Reviews

Here are a few G2 & Capterra reviews for a better understanding;

👍 Pros

Qualtrics is considered an excellent tool for marketers. You can create multiple question types that can help your needs, and it has many functions to help you make the survey more meaningful. Making the process effective and efficient is another benefit. Qualtrics helps the researcher build a solid foundation for a chain of projects that he or she can manage from a single library. Ability to copy the previous surveys, which becomes very helpful and important when you work with complex surveys. Logic of the survey and ability to use the masked answer choices. And the best part is the customer support - very responsive with the optimized answers to your queries.

👎 Cons

The fact that with so much functionality, it can be easy to mess up logic in surveys. Also, sharing across surveys is a pain and doesn't allow you to transfer ownership. Additionally, the other dashboards encounter errors when attempting to manually download.

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