Ice-Cream Clash: Customer Review Analysis of Rome's Bests

Oct 23, 2023 - 5 min read
Ice-Cream Clash: Customer Review Analysis of Rome's Bests

The online reputation of venues is very important when combined with today's technology. Customer feedback, comments and ratings provided by customers play a critical role in increasing the awareness and marketing of businesses. These reviews and ratings allow people to express their opinions about places, and these opinions can influence other potential customers positively or negatively. While positive reviews play an essential role in attracting new customers, even a single negative review can result in the loss of many customers.

If you are considering opening a new ice cream shop in Rome, it is essential to consider some recommendations to make your business successful. For example, do market research, offer a unique taste, pay attention to quality, choose a good location and highlight your brand by making ice cream promotions.These steps will help you get good customer feedback and make your business stand out. But before doing all of these, you should definitely analyze the reviews of your competitors in the same location to understand the expectations of your potential customers. There are many platforms for you to analyze your customer feedback but I want to show the easiest way to analyze Tripadvisor reviews: Kimola’s Tripadvisor Review Analyzer.

3 Simple Steps to Analyze TripAdvisor Reviews!

  • Go to ''Tripadvisor Review Analyzer'' at
  • Copy Tripadvisor link of the business you would like to analyze.
  • Paste the link into Kimola's search box and click Start.

It's that easy.

Three ice cream manufacturers were identified from Envols' top seven ice cream maker articles in Rome, reviewed on Tripadvisor, and customer feedback was analyzed by Kimola’s freeresesrch tool for small and mid-size businesses.

We have analyzed and compared 3 businesses for this report. These businesses are; Giolitti, Fatamorgana Gelato, Gelateria Alberto Pica. Now, let me tell a little bit about the places that we’re going to analyze in this blog post: 

A List of Places to Analyse

1- Valentino Gelato

The owner prides himself on their homemade gelato, using only authentic ingredients with zero chemicals added. Gelateria Valentino's is vegan-friendly, and they also offer dairy-free options. Another plus of this place is its location. It is one of the places to be added to the list as it is close to the Trevi Fountain and offers a natural moment.


2- Fatamorgana Gelato

Founded in 2003, Fatamorgana is an artisanal gelateria that uses organic ingredients that are completely gluten-free. This place gives total value for the price paid with the taste, quality and creativity it offers. Moreover, its service is also welcomed. That's why you should consider visiting this place.


3- Gelateria Alberto Pica

While this place is known for its ice cream quality and awards, it also makes a name for itself with its atmosphere and ambience. Additionally, customers leave satisfied due to their friendly and caring staff. It would be best to try the rice ice cream, which is so famous that it shows itself on the chart.


Customer Rewiev Comparison

If we compare these three places according to customer comments, ice cream quality has been a priority for customers, and that's where they gave the most feedback. While creative tastes are essential for customers, the venue's location and staff behaviour are also areas that often receive feedback.

Taste means creativity

There are delicious, diverse and exciting ice creams. For example, garlic, rice and rose ice creams are flavours included in customer feedback.

Location is important

While some places stand out because they are on a side street and offer a quiet and relaxing time, others stand out for customers in terms of location because they have a beautiful view and are close to transportation.

Attentive and friendly service of the staff

The staff's caring and friendly attitude towards the customers, their kindness to the children and their care made the customers very happy. The excellent staff behaviour was reflected in the comments and brought the businesses to the fore.

Let’s dive in what makes these places special:

At Valentino Gelato, in addition to its taste, the attentiveness of its staff is also at the forefront. Customers are delighted with the taste of the ice cream and the staff's smiling face and caring behaviour. Since it is close to the Trevi Fountain, is affordable, and offers a scenic view, customers are happy to eat their ice cream at affordable prices and with a beautiful view. Negative feedback is almost nonexistent. This is the distinguishing step since dining with a view is essential for customers.

Fatamorgana Gelato appeals to customers with allergy problems by offering a variety of delicious flavours. Gluten-free and vegan options are also available. It is famous for its unique combinations of flavours and creativity, making it a must-visit gelato shop in Rome. In their comments, customers stated that they were satisfied with the flavour combinations, the taste and the variety of ice creams and that the taste was still great when they returned to this place after a while.

Gelateria Alberto Pica is famous for its original Italian ice cream and charming atmosphere. The taste of ice cream, especially pistachio and rice ice cream, is mentioned. Customers liked many flavours and generally found them delicious. Having rice ice cream made this place different from others and satisfied the customers. Negative comments state that the ice cream liquefies quickly and has hair in it, and that it is not much different in taste from other ice cream shops.


Nowadays, thanks to the advantages of technology, customers choose the places they will visit by researching in advance. Therefore, comments and suggestions on the internet are of great importance. To attract customers' attention and receive positive feedback, a business must have delicious products, its staff must be attentive and professional, it must satisfy customers with its menu variety, it must be in an accessible location, and it must offer a wide range of options for customers with allergy problems. In other words, businesses must meet customers' expectations and satisfy them.

If you are considering starting a new business, it is imperative to make a good start by considering these factors and having a presence on social media. On the other hand, individuals considering exploring new places should decide by looking at the online comments of the places they will visit and evaluating customer feedback. Customer reviews provide essential and valuable guidance to those considering visiting new venues.

If these factors are ignored, a negative experience can occur, which can lead to the accumulation of negative memories. You always want your brand to be remembered positively and pleasantly.

Scrape and analyze Tripadvisor reviews easily with Kimola's Tripadvisor Review Analyzer.

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