Pre-built Machine Learning Models

Many business scenarios require domain expertise and time investment to build a model with high accuracy.

Choose from Kimola's ready-to-use models to start now!

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Up-to-date Training Sets

Social scientists at Kimola analyse the needs and pain points in different industries that can be solved via a text classification. These needs turn into domain-specific machine learning models with a high accuracy rate and are published in our Gallery regularly.

Language is a living, breathing thing that constantly evolves and changes. Kimola's team ensures that the training sets behind these models are always up-to-date while the language evolves and the business-specific terminologies change.

Kimola enables marketing and research professionals to focus their work without worrying about model training, accuracy rates and updated training sets. Just upload your dataset file and start classifying your data automatically.

Up-to-date Training Sets
Pre-built Machine Learning Model Gallery
Fully Automated Workflows

Fully Automated Workflows

In some cases, finding out which ML models to classify our dataset becomes unclear. It may be because of a complex dataset which doesn’t have a contextual focus, and sometimes data analysts have little idea about the content. Kimola handles a dataset when uploaded and tells which ML models should be applied automatically.

This fully automated process enables data analysts to focus on results rather than the process.

So Much More!
Text Analysis

Reveal the most recurring terms in categories like organizations, interests, artworks, locations and diseases.

Custom Machine Learning Models

Upload your training set and build a custom machine learning model based on your custom business needs.

Web Scraping

Data analysis starts with data. Make use of Kimola's data scraping extension to access consumer reviews.

World-Class Customer Support

Since data analytics is a highly sophisticated area, besides offering a good UI/UX, Kimola provides educational content such as articles and video tutorials. Also, you will have live chat support in the dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • We don't have a specific calendar, but usually, it's once in three months. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our emails to get notified.

  • Although there isn't a rule, our goal is to keep our models up-to-date and make sure it's always compatible with the industry-specific terminology. After an update on a model, we notify users who are actively using the model.

  • No. Pre-built machine learning models are intellectual properties of Kimola and are only available for use via UI or API.

  • A machine learning model specific to your business case becomes a custom model. We don't provide a service to build a custom machine learning model, but we can meet you with Kimola's partner agencies to build one.

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