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How Kimola Analytics Works?

Keyword Tracking

Track conversations on social networks, forums, blogs, and news sites around your keywords. You can also specify "including keywords" to ensure a conversation contains specific terms with your primary keyword. Likewise, you can choose "excluding keywords" to filter out irrelevant content.

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Link Tracking

Track web pages from supported e-commerce sites and forums to automatically scrape newly added posts, reviews and comments. This allows you to track conversations without a specific keyword, which brings dynamism and elasticity to your listening.

This feature is mostly used to track mobile app conversations on Google Play Store and product reviews on Amazon. You can also see the list of platforms that are being supported.

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Automated Email Reports

Get regular email reports to stay on top of your social listening. Regular email reports show text analysis, sentiment analysis, and content classifications as proper data visualizations. It also displays featured conversations as a list so you can track the most critical content regularly in a specified period.

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Lifestyle Analysis

Create audiences from your social listening data to discover their lifestyle, from demographics to deep-dive interests, TV affinities, favourite influencers and celebrities. Use GDPR-compliant lifestyle analysis with anonymous results to optimize your media buying, sales, and communication strategies.

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Turn data into action with AI-powered social listening platform!

Find out what consumers think and feel about a topic and get a comprehensive lifestyle analysis to build insights-driven marketing strategies. Leverage the global experience and technological perfection of Kimola in consumer research!

Plans & Pricing

Unlock consumer insights with flexible social listening plans that grow with you.

Yearly (Save up to 20%)
$ /month
billed annually
  • 5,000 conversations/mo
  • 3 keywords
  • 5 links
  • Email Reports
  • Email Alerts
  • Excel, PDF, PowerPoint export
  • API Access
  • -
  • Ticket
$ /month
billed annually
  • 15,000 conversations/mo
  • 9 keywords
  • 15 links
  • Email Reports
  • Email Alerts
  • Excel, PDF, PowerPoint export
  • API Access
  • 1 hour onboarding
  • Ticket
$ /month
billed annually
  • 35,000 conversations/mo
  • 20 keywords
  • 35 links
  • Email Reports
  • Email Alerts
  • Excel, PDF, PowerPoint export
  • API Access
  • 2 hours onboarding
  • Ticket, Live Chat
$ /month
  • Custom Conversation Volume
  • Custom Keyword Count
  • Custom Link Count
  • Email Reports
  • Email Alerts
  • Data Export
  • API Access
  • Custom Onbaording
  • Custom Support
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Social Media Listening services allow you to see your products, brands, competitors, or any topic from a consumer perspective. It is one of the most effective ways to understand how consumers receive brand messages and how it changes over time.

  • Medya Monitoring tools report news content containing specific keywords in local and national media. It is a valuable service, especially for companies that regularly publish the news to follow the reflections and see their competitors' public relations activities. On the other hand, Social Media Listening tools listen to each individual by considering them a broadcasting channel through social networks, blogs, and forums, thus providing an objective perspective to understand the ideas of individuals and evaluate their motivation and attitudes.

  • When you purchase a service from Kimola, we reach out to you and configure the basics so that the analyzes you need are delivered to you as regular e-mail reports. Thus, you can access to live data analyzes by logging in to your Social Media Listening dashboard whenever you want, and you can also stay up-to-date with regular e-mail reports.

  • Our creative consumer research team, experienced in 10 different countries, can also prepare regular custom reports for your Social Media Listening needs. When you sign up for this service, you will have Insight Reports periodically. These analyzes will give you both insights to get to know your audience like never before and suggestions you can put into practice.

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