Complete Market Research Guide for Fitness Centers

May 18, 2023 - 3 min read
Complete Market Research Guide for Fitness Centers

Customer feedback provides valuable information about your customer's satisfaction levels and helps identify areas for improvement. Customer feedback also plays an essential role in the success of fitness centres. Customers' preferences regarding fitness centres prioritize a few key factors. Among these, a clean studio with adequate equipment and personalized programs prepared by expert instructors can be mentioned. However, since motivation is crucial to maintaining an exercise routine, it is equally important to have a motivating atmosphere that encourages individuals to continue their exercise. Analyzing customer reviews about the key factors I mentioned is essential for starting and managing a fitness centre effectively.

I understand that conducting market research can be challenging, but it is necessary to learn about our customers when starting or running a business. You can do this research with the customer review site Trustpilot, which also has customer reviews of fitness centres. When you click on any gym on Trustpilot, you can use the filtering options to filter the comments. By looking at these filters, you can filter the comments by star rating, date, and frequency of the most common words, search within the comments and filter by language. For example, looking at the most mentioned words in reviews of a fitness room on Trustpilot will show the terms "equipment", "machine", "atmosphere", and "floor". Although Trustpilot offers all these options, it does not provide an overview of customer reviews. You will have to study, read and prepare these reviews yourself. But in this article, I will guide you on how to do market research for fitness centres with just a few clicks.

Many tools take and analyze customer reviews from Trustpilot. These tools require a variety of daunting knowledge, such as coding knowledge. It also includes separate business processes such as data collection and editing. However, my proposed solution does not require registration or credit card information; you just need the link to the fitness centres you want to analyze on Trustpilot.  

Analyzing Trustpilot reviews, Kimola's free research tool provides the best, most effective and most convenient solution. 

Analyze Trustpilot Reviews For Free

Scrape and Analyze Trustpilot Reviews with Kimola

  • Identify and gather the links to your competitors' Trustpilot profiles. These links can be found by searching for your competitors' names on Trustpilot.
  • Go to
  • Paste the collected Trustpilot profile links into the designated box within the Kimola’s tool.
  • Click the "Start" button to initiate the analysis process.

Once the analysis is complete, you can view the generated report. This report will contain valuable information and insights extracted from the Trustpilot reviews of your competitors.

Anytime Fitness Customer Review Analysis

kimola reports anytime-fitness reviews

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