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Dive into a world of diverse customer perspectives as analyzing 25+ languages,
empowering your business to thrive on a truly global scale.

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Individual researchers, product managers, start-up founders

3,000+ individuals including product managers, UX researchers,
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Analyze datasets that contain multiple languages

Streamline your customer feedback analysis process by uploading feedback in multiple languages, delivering results in English on the same comprehensive dashboard. Eliminate the need for separate feedback sets and experience a holistic understanding of your customer sentiments, ensuring a more efficient and insightful analysis for your business needs.

Analyze datasets that contain multiple languages
Filter analyzed customer feedback by languages

Filter analyzed customer feedback by languages

Move beyond analysis by leveraging accurate language detection. Effortlessly filter feedback results by language, explore diverse customer perspectives and gain valuable insights.

Top Languages that Kimola Cognitive Supports

View the most analyzed languages with Kimola Cognitive.

Western Europe Western Europe
Italian, Spanish, German, French, English
Southern Africa Southern Africa
Southeast Asia Southeast Asia
Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai
Eastern Europe Eastern Europe
Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Latvian, Turkish, Czech, Serbian, Portuguese
East Asia East Asia
Mandarin, Japanese, Korean
Middle East Middle East
Arabic, Urdu
So Much More!
Pre-built Machine Learning Models

Automatically classify your data based on the context, whether it contains consumer reviews, news or articles.

Custom Machine Learning Models

Upload your training set and build a custom machine learning model based on your custom business needs.

Web Scraping

Data analysis starts with data. Make use of Kimola's data scraping extension to access consumer reviews.

World-Class Customer Support

Since data analytics is a highly sophisticated area, besides offering a good UI/UX, Kimola provides educational content such as articles and video tutorials. Also, you will have live chat support in the dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Yes, Kimola Cognitive offers customer feedback analysis in Arabic.

  • Kimola Cognitive offers analysis of 25+ languages and Russian is one of them.

  • Yes, Kimola Cognitive can analyze reviews in Vietnamese.

  • Analyze your own dataset by uploading it to Kimola Cognitive for free.

  • Spreadsheets that contain multiple languages can be analyzed by dragging and dropping dataset to Kimola Cognitive on a free trial. You can try it for free.

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