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Web Browser Extension

Kimola offers a web browser extension compatible with Google Chrome and Opera. It shows a small badge on the top of the icon, so you will get notified when there is any scrapable content on the website while browsing.

Download Kimola's web browser extension from Chrome Web Store;

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Web Browser Extension
Store on the Cloud or Export to Excel

Store on the Cloud or Export to Excel

Meet the concept of Airset!

Each time you scrape a website, the browser extension creates an Airset on your Kimola account. Airset is like a dataset, but it's stored in the cloud to be analyzed or exported. So when you come across web content that might be a subject of your ongoing or future research, you can create an Airset to use when you need it.

The web extension also displays existing scrapings on the screen so you can easily track your previous scrapings. Besides the web browser extension UI, you will see an Airsets menu on Kimola Cognitive dashboard where you can group or search in your Airsets.

Zero-configuration, No-code!

Unlike many scraping tools, Kimola's web scraping does not require a domain or page-specific configuration. When you visit a website, the small badge on the top of the browser extension icon shows how many rows can be captured. The extension knows how to scrape the necessary data, so it does not ask any configuration or additional questions. The scraping directives for every website are kept up-to-date by the Kimola team.

In this way, data analysts can only focus on the data analysis part rather than spending time on data gathering. Just set up your API key on the first use, and all the future data you scraped will flow into your account automatically.

Zero-configuration, No-code!
So Much More!
Text Analysis

Reveal the most recurring terms in categories like organizations, interests, artworks, locations and diseases.

Pre-built Machine Learning Models

Automatically classify your data based on the context, whether it contains consumer reviews, news or articles.

Custom Machine Learning Models

Upload your training set and build a custom machine learning model based on your custom business needs.

World-Class Customer Support

Since data analytics is a highly sophisticated area, besides offering a good UI/UX, Kimola provides educational content such as articles and video tutorials. Also, you will have live chat support in the dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • No, our scraper is only available for supported mediums, and these mediums are platforms where consumers publicly share their opinions about a topic.

  • No. We don't offer a Firefox-compatible version, only Google Chrome and Opera currently.

  • No. We don't provide desktop software or any cloud service for web scraping, and the only web scraper that Kimola provides is in browser extension format.

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