Online Education Courses Reviews Classifier

Online Education Courses Reviews Classifier

This model was created specifically to analyze Online Course User comments on educational course platforms such as Udemy, Coursera etc. The model helps to understand online trainees into 4 main categories.

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Content and Materials: This label displays reviews of online course content and materials.
Instructor: This label contains feedback for online course creators, namely instructors.
Clarity and Informative: This label includes trainee comments regarding the informativeness and clarity of the courses.
Course Duration: This label shows reviews about the duration of online courses.




With the digitalization process accelerating with the pandemic, the number of online education courses has increased considerably in recent years. In addition, with the development of technology, the world of education, which has gradually been separated from desks, classrooms and buildings, has now become a place where everyone can access and learn anything they want at any time. Naturally, these developments in the education world have made it inevitable for online course platforms to analyze trainee comments. This is exactly why this model was created to enable rapid analysis of trainee feedback.

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