Automatic Classifier

Automatic Classifier

This model uses semantic structures in text to understand and classify unstructured data without predefined tags.

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In the world of marketing and research, it is often challenging to pre-define labels or categories for the vast amount of customer feedback available. This is where topic modelling proves to be highly beneficial for marketing and research professionals.

By employing topic modelling techniques, Kimola Cognitive can automatically identify and extract meaningful topics or themes from a large corpus of customer reviews. This process involves uncovering latent patterns and structures within the text data, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects customers discuss.

One of the greatest advantages of topic modelling is the element of surprise it brings. Instead of relying on predetermined labels, the algorithm uncovers themes organically, which can reveal hidden insights and trends that might have been missed otherwise. This serendipitous nature of topic modelling adds a sense of excitement and discovery to the analysis process, making it an invaluable tool for marketing and research professionals.

Also, it's suitable for all languages.

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