Banking Conversations Classifier

Banking Conversations Classifier

This model is created specifically for the Banking Industry. The model has 5 main categories and helps marketing professionals to understand banking consumers better.

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Credit Cards, Bank Cards and Bank Loans: This label represents banking products like credit, credit cards and loans.
Ads & Events: This label is all about marketing activities performed by a bank.
Branches & ATMs: This label indicates conversations around branches and ATMs where people interact with banks physically.
Customer Service: This label represents the consumer experiences related to call centres and other online platforms.
Digital Banking: This label is about conversations around the digital banking experiences of consumers.


English , Spanish , Portuguese , French , German , Turkish


As technology evolves, so does the consumer. Now they know that we listen to them, analyze their needs and motivations, and try to solve their problems. One of the essential things of banking clients is to solve the problem of consumers "instantly" but analyze the data afterwards. Collecting your brand mentions or competitor's mentions and analyzing them with a multi-class point of view will bring you the bigger picture. Therefore, you will understand how to move your brand's messages closer to your consumers. This model is designed to show the opinions of banking consumers.

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