Common Consumer Conversation Classifier

Common Consumer Conversation Classifier

This model is created with the intent of classifying consumer conversation around a product, service or a brand in general.

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Features and Quality: Who doesn't like to buy a product with quality? This label represents conversations related to the features and quality of products and services.
Orders and Delivery: Nomnomnom! Even though ordering is not just about food, the analyst gained 2 pounds while classifying this label. This label indicates conversations around online order and delivery experiences of consumers.
Pricing: It's all 'bout the money It's all 'bout the dum dum da da dum dum. This label is about all pricing related conversations where consumers only focus on pricing issues.
Customer Service: This label represents consumer experiences related to call centre's and other online platforms.
Ads & Campaigns: This label is about marketing activities performed by organizations.
Technical Support: This label indicates conversations around the technical support experiences of consumers.
Point of Sales: Let's see how you sell it! This label indicates conversations around sales points where people interact with the brand physically or digitally.


English , Spanish , Portuguese , French , German , Turkish


Understanding consumers is hard, and it also requires a lot of work. This model is created for marketers and researchers who want to understand their consumers in general. Although most of Kimola's Machine Learning Models are designed for a specific sector, this one is created for general use.

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