SaaS Conversations Classifier

SaaS Conversations Classifier

This model is created specifically for the Saas Products. The model has 4 main categories and helps marketing professionals to understand saas product consumers better.

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Features and Quality: This label represents conversations related to the features and quality of saas products and services.
Usability: This label represents conversations about the usability of saas products and services.
Pricing: This label is about conversations where consumers only focus on pricing issues.
Customer Service: This label shows the experiences with the customer services of the saas company.




The interest in saas services has increased day by day with the developments in technology. As such, it becomes important to increase the loyalty and satisfaction of the customers by facilitating the use in the interaction of the customer with the product. Therefore, analyzing consumer opinions on saas products ensures that the right steps are taken at the point of product development. This model is designed so that Saas companies can better analyze customer experiences and see the big picture quickly.

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