Mobile App Conversations Classifier

Mobile App Conversations Classifier

This model is created specifically for the Mobile App Industry. The model has 4 main categories and helps app developers to understand mobile app users better.

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In-App Ads: This label represents content related to ads in mobile apps.
Pricing: This label is about conversations where consumers only focus on pricing issues.
Technical Issues: This label displays conversations about consumers' experiences with technical issues.
Usability: This label represents user feedback on the usability of mobile apps.




The use of mobile applications is increasing day by day all over the world. Within a day, millions of smart device users download and start using mobile applications for purposes such as having fun, developing a business, learning something, and buying something. The increase in the use of mobile applications and the change in technology day by day contribute to the emergence of new mobile application trends. The mobile applications we use every day, every month, and every year are shaped according to new mobile application trends and offered to our use. The constant change and development of mobile application trends require mobile application developers to follow these trends closely. That's exactly why the Mobile App Conversations Classifier Model was designed.

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