News Classifier

News Classifier

This model classifies any text content in terms of news categories to categorize news articles or classify consumer conversations.

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Sports: This label represents the content related to all sports branches.
Crime: This label is about judicial cases and represents the articles related to muder, scam, extortion etc.
Lifestyle & Art: Magazine and art content is classified under this label.
Accidents - Disaster: This label represents the content around natural disasters.
Health: All the news in health, country's health system and also companies that operates in health area.
Politics: This label represents the world's politics.
Technology & Science: All the news in technology or science and also companies that operates in this area.
Education: This label represents the content related to education and educational institutions.
Finance & Economy: This label represents the economy related news and also financial institutions.




News sites have been using cookies to track their visitors and improve their experience by suggesting them the most related content. This was also essential for advertisers to make sure they only display ads to users with the most related interests. After the drramatic change on the third-party cookie policy on Chrome browsers in 2022, understanding users interests become much more important. This model enables advertisers and news platforms to build systems that understand user interests by classifying every article they visited.

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