Mobile Game Conversations Classifier

Mobile Game Conversations Classifier

This model is created specifically for the Mobile Gaming Industry. The model has 4 main categories and helps marketing professionals to understand mobile gamer better.

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In-Game Advertising: This label displays player views on ad content encountered in games.
Feature & Design: This label covers gamer reviews of mobile game designs, interfaces and features.
Game Praise: This label contains praise for the games that players have experienced.
Technical Issues: This label displays conversations about mobile gamers' experiences with technical issues like bugs in games.


English , Turkish


With the increasing prevalence of digitalization and the increasing opportunities, it provides to both developers and consumers, the mobile game market has gained rapid momentum all over the world. In particular, we can accept that mobile technologies have started to touch people at almost every point of life as one of the most important breaking points in this process. At the point reached today, it would not be wrong to say that games attract the attention of people from all walks of life. As a matter of fact, the results of the Populus-Ofcom Gaming Survey, which revealed that more than half of adults living in the UK play games last year, support this point of view. These developments in the game world make it inevitable for game companies to analyze player reviews. That's exactly why this model was created to enable quick analysis of player comments.

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