Horeca Conversations Classifier

Horeca Conversations Classifier

This model is created specifically for the Horeca Industry. The model has 4 main categories and helps marketing professionals to understand hotel-restaurant-cafe consumers better.

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Location: This label represents the contents related to the location of places such as hotel-restaurant-cafe.
Staff and Service: This label shows the consumers' experience of the service offered and their opinions about the staff.
Cleanliness and Comfort: This label is about consumer opinions on the hygiene and comfort of the place.
Food: This label represents customers' feedback on their eating and drinking experience.




Technological developments that have accelerated in recent times have made it easier for consumers to share their experiences and thoughts about a product they buy online. The intangible features of tourism products, which are difficult to evaluate beforehand, have caused visitors to attach more importance to consumer comments in the process of creating their travel plans. Today, it has become common to obtain data using online platforms for horeca services. So that these online comments on different horeca services on the platforms are analyzed to provide businesses with guiding insights. For this purpose, the Horeca model was created to analyze consumer feedback for businesses.

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