Meet New GPT Prompts

Feb 15, 2024 - 2 min read
Meet New GPT Prompts

Hello Kimola family! We are excited to announce the latest updates presented to you to make our Kimola Cognitive platform even stronger and user-friendly. First, let me explain the GPT add-on of Kimola Cognitive and what it is used for.  Here's an enthusiastic announcement of the latest enhancements on our platform:

What is Kimola Cognitive's GPT add-on?

Kimola Cognitive is integrated with OpenAI and it can generate powerful marketing collateral based on the customer feedback analysis. These are called "Interpretations" on Kimola Cognitive and can be chosen while generating a customer feedback analysis report. Here are some of the interpretations that can be generated based on customer feedback with the GPT add-on;

Interpretations on Kimola Cognitive:

  • Executive Summary
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Brand Slogans
  • FAQ
  • Product Features List
  • Positive Negative Review Summary

and more.

Now, let's talk about the new interpretations that are available on Kimola Cognitive:

Event Ideas Generator

Event Concepts Now at Your Fingertips!

We are making the event planning process even more exciting. With the addition of the Event Ideas Generator to Kimola Cognitive, creative agencies will find a new way to create impressive event concepts. This feature allows users to generate creative and impactful event ideas within seconds using a simple prompt. The event planning process is now faster and more enjoyable!

Kimola Cognitive Event Ideas Generator

Insight Generator

Quick and Meaningful Insights Now Closer Than Ever!
Designed for marketing experts, strategy development teams, and top-level executives, the Insight Generator provides swift access to valuable insights derived from data analysis results. This feature enhances the efficiency of the data analytics process and supports professionals in their decision-making. The Insight Generator is a powerful tool to transform your data into meaningful insights.

Kimola Cognitive Insights Generator

Usage Scenario

Creating Event Ideas through Restaurant Review Analysis!

Imagine you are a restaurant owner looking to generate event ideas based on customer feedback. With Kimola Cognitive's Event Ideas Generator, you can create engaging event concepts using themes derived from customer reviews. For example, if your customers frequently praise a particular chef, you can organize an event like "Chef's Night" to allow customers to meet the praised chef. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also serves as a fantastic way to attract new customers.

With these updates, Kimola Cognitive is offering you more control, more creativity, and increased efficiency. We understand and strive to meet your customer expectations. If you haven't tried it yet, log in now and explore these new features. Kimola Cognitive is here to provide you with a better business experience and more effective results!

Happy exploring! 🚀

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