What Is Audience?

2 mins read - Updated on Sep 16, 2021

Audiences provide content, analysis, or lists with keywords, links, and profiles according to your needs.

When you create an audience once, you can track and analyze everything about your brand, product, or subject.

Do you need detailed information about keywords? You can review the detailed guide about keywords from here.

There are 3 different options you can create by determining the keywords about the brand, product, or topic you want to listen to.

  1. Social Listening: You can view all the content on Twitter, blogs and forums, news, e-commerce sites that you specify, and other internet sites.
  2. Lifestyle Analyses: It brings you an analysis of the interests of your audience, the influencers they interact with, brands, and more.
  3. Trends: You can choose the sources you want to track and you can get a real-time list with popular and trending terms on those sources.


A REMINDER: You can only create your audience within our Analytics product.

You can reach detailed guides from the links below to create the audience you need.

  • You can view the detailed guide for creating a Social Listening audience here.
  • You can view the detailed guide for creating a Lifestyle Analyzes audience here.
  • You can review the detailed guide to creating a Trends audience here.


Where can you find your audiences?

  1. Login to https://kimola.com/sign-in with your email and password
  2. Go to https://analytics.kimola.com
  3. Click Audiences menu on the left frame
  4. Click Audience

If you have to scroll the page to find your audience between lifestyle, conversation or trend audiences; you can search in the search bar or filter on the right corner.