Creating A Social Listening Audience

2 mins read - Updated on Jul 20, 2022

Firstly; you can only create your audience within our Kimola Analytics product.

To access Kimola Analytics product:

Now you are ready to build your audience!

Creating An Audience:


  • If you have already an audience and you want to create a new one:
    • Click the "Audiences" menu on the left.
    • Click the "Create Custom Audience" button in the upper right corner of the page.


  • Start typing your keywords (if it's necessary, add comma-separated terms that you want to and don't want to have with the keyword to + and - sections.) one by one and press enter.
    • If you are copying from a list in bulk, put a comma at the end of each word and select all and paste them to the "Type Keywords" section. Add comma-separated terms that you want to and don't want to have with the keyword to + and - sections if any. 
    • If you need detailed information about keywords, you can use this guide.
  • If you give up creating an audience click "Back" or "Next" to continue.


  • In the "Content" section, to configure your content, choose a language to track conversations and classification method for further content analyses and click "Next".
    • The classification method can be added by manuel or chosen by auto. There are more than 5 sentiments and content classifications for Turkish, and 2 sentiments classifications for US and UK languages for now. Classification models will also be completed for other languages and uploaded to the system.



  • In the "Choose a Package" section, give a name to your audience and choose a package to start collecting conversations.
  • Click "Complete!".



If you need detailed information about payment packages, you can review our flexible plans for Social Listening!

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