Editing Your Audience Name

1 min read - Updated on Jul 20, 2022

REMINDER: When you change your audience name, everyone'll be able to see on your team and change back. Also, you'll get your mailing reports with this name.


You can change your audience name with a few steps:

  • Login to https://kimola.com/sign-in with your email and password.
  • Go to https://analytics.kimola.com
  • Click Audiences menu on the left frame.
  • Click Audience.
  • Click Settings.
    1. If you receive this message: This is an audience that acquired from the Audience Store. So you can only remove this audience from your account. You don't have access to edit your audience name, edit, remove or download your keywords.
    2. Your audience was created under another client and defined to you. You can follow these steps to check your client status.
    3. If you can access this window below; change your audience from name section.
  • Click Save.