How to Analyze Customer Reviews with Multi-labels?

2 mins read - Updated on Jan 23, 2024

Well, well! If you've searched about multi-label classification for customer feedback and your path crossed with Kimol Cognitive, we must say that yoU're in the right place. We have announced Multi-Label Classification technology for Kimola Cognitive's premium users on December 2023. And here is a fast guide to help you use it; 


What is Multi-label classification for customer feedback and why it matter?

Imagine being able to dissect a customer review, not just as a whole, but as a collection of sentiments tied to specific topics. That's the power of Multi-Label Classification. It provides a granular view, allowing you to understand not only the overall sentiment of a review but also the sentiments associated with individual aspects discussed by your customers.

By adopting this technology, Kimola Cognitive ensures that your analysis isn't oversimplified. We recognize the intricacies of customer feedback, offering you a tool that delves deeper into the layers of sentiment, providing a richer understanding of your customers' thoughts and feelings.

In essence, Multi-Label Classification transforms the way you interpret customer feedback. It's not just about hearing what your customers have to say; it's about truly understanding the multifaceted nature of their opinions. With Kimola Cognitive, empower your business to connect with your customers on a deeper level and unlock insights that drive meaningful improvements.

Dive into the world of Multi-Label Classification – where every line tells a story, and every sentiment matters.


5 Steps to Anaylze Customer Feedback with Multi-Labels

  • After upgrading your account, simply upload your data by dragging and dropping your spreadsheet to home screen of Kimola Cognitive.
  • Choose the text column that will be analyzed on the next screen, choose date optionally. Click next.
  • Choose interpretations if you'd like to generate executive summary, SWOT analysis or create social media content, brand slogans based on your customer reviews. 
  • Name your report, and choose the multi-label option before creating your report.
  • Click Create!


Watch our tutorial:


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