Introduction to Kimola Cognitive

2 mins read - Created on Aug 29, 2021

Kimola Cognitive is a Machine Learning platform by Kimola just for marketing and research professionals. It automatize text classification process in qualitative research.

In many cases, qualitative consumer research means dealing with text data. Whether the data comes from a focus group interview scripts, feedback forms, or social media, it's unstructured in nature and time consuming to analyze manually. That's why Kimola Cognitive offers robust content classification technology to use in any size of qualitative consumer research. It enables marketers and researchers to apply Machine Learning techniques without coding so they can save time and focus on their area of expertise.

Just like othter Kimola products, you can also start for free on Kimola Cognitive. It's possible to create an account with both email address and Facebook. If you don't have an account yet, visit this page to start now.

There are two ways of using Kimola Cognitive.

Standard: Choosing a ready-to-use Machine Learning models from Gallery

Kimola Cognitive comes with a set of ready-to-use Machine Learning models for the most common use cases like sentiment, emotion, complaint, and hate speech analyses. If your company's business model does not include classifying a dataset, you can pick-up a pre-trained Machine Learning model from the Gallery to automatically classify a dataset for your research. This way you only analyze classified document and only focus on gaining insights rather than manual text classification.

You can visit the Gallery and browse within pre-trained models. When you click on a model, you can try it live by typing a sample text. You don't even have to create an account or purchase for a package. If you need a pre-trained model that not on the Gallery, you can contact us. Kimola also provides services to create a custom Machine Learning model specific to your unique business needs.

Advanced: Deploying and training a custom Machine Learning model

Every consumer research is a different journey to understand humankind, so most of the time, requirements can bu unique. That's why you can also create your custom Machine Learning model by uploading a labeled file to teach your classification needs. Then Kimola Cognitive takes care of hosting and serving your Machine Learning model.