Creating A New Mailing

1 min read - Updated on Aug 25, 2021
Begüm Seyrek Customer Success Manager, Kimola

When you receive a daily mail, you can track your contents via your e-mail.

How can you create a new mailing?

Firstly: You can only create your mailing for your audience within our Analytics product.

  1. Login to with your email and password
  2. Go to
  3. Click Audiences on the left frame
  4. Click your audience
  5. Click Mailings
  6. Click Create A New Mailing
  7. Give a name to your mailing (your mailing aren't be sent with this name, but everyone can see it on your team)
  8. If it's necessary choose your unsubscribers who didn't want to receive these emails.
  9. Choose your platforms:
    1. All: Choose this option to receive all the contents (tweets and news)
    2. News: Select this option to get only content for news.
  10. Checkboxes:
    1. Display Only Featured Mentions: Select this option to get only featured mentions with mailings rather than getting the full list of conversations.
    2. Attach a file: Choose this option to attach an Excel file containing all the conversations.
  11. Choose your interval (minute, hour or day) and increment. You can choose max 30 for increment.
  12. Choose your starting date and click apply.
  13. Click create.