Creating A New Mailing

1 min read - Updated on Apr 27, 2022

When you receive a daily mail, you can track your contents via your e-mail.

How can you create a new mailing?

Firstly: You can only create your mailing for your audience within our Analytics product.



  • Give a name to your mailing (your mailing aren't be sent with this name, but everyone can see it on your team)
  • If it's necessary choose your unsubscribers who didn't want to receive these emails.
  • Choose your platforms:
    1. All: Choose this option to receive all the contents (tweets and news)
    2. News: Select this option to get only content for news.
  • Checkboxes:
    1. Display Only Featured Mentions: Select this option to get only featured mentions with mailings rather than getting the full list of conversations.
    2. Attach a file: Choose this option to attach an Excel file containing all the conversations.
  • Choose your interval (minute, hour or day) and increment. You can choose max 30 for increment.
  • Choose your starting date and click apply.
  • Click create.


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