Using Kimola Cognitive Gallery and Pre-built ML Models

2 mins read - Updated on Jul 07, 2022

The Cognitive Gallery is the showcase of pre-built machine learning models crafted by the Kimola team that work with a minimum of 80% accuracy rate. Kimola Team continuously improves the Gallery by adding new ML models for different business solutions such as Mobile Apps Feedback Classifier, SaaS Company Feedback Classifier etc.

The main function of the Cognitive Gallery is to access pre-built models and help marketers to classify customer feedbacks easily without coding. You can acces pre-built models in Gallery via two different ways: 

1) Model first attitude 

Before you process the data classification, you can use the pre-built ML model you want through the Gallery option. The basic steps for this way are listed below. 

  1. On the home page of Kimola Cognitive, click Gallery on the left menu and choose the model that fits your business needs most.
  2. On the pre-built model page, navigate to the data load area and upload or simply drag and drop your dataset.
  3. Select the column of data that you want to classify and finalize the onboarding screen.
  4. Voila! Pure magic is happening! 

See it in action:

2) Data first attitude 

The method by which you can first upload your data to Kimola Cognitive's homepage and then select one of the pre-built models in the Gallery. The basic steps for this way are also listed below. 

  1. Drop your data into the data upload section on the Kimola Cognitive home page.
  2. From the Gallery tab, select the pre-built ML modal you want to use.   

Quick Tip: You can select multiple models at the same time and classify your data using multiple ML models. 

  1. Select the column you want to be classified.
  2. Leave the data classification to Kimola Cognitive while grabbing your coffee.

See it in action:


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